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Pairing clinical psychology and proven holistic modalities to help you transform your life and relationships!

Hi, I'm Carla. I'm here to help you create lasting change!

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    Tell me if this sounds familiar:

    • You find yourself repeating the same wrong relationships, jobs or issues over and over again
    • You are dealing with unexplained feelings of depression, anger, anxiety or PTSD
    • You're caught in self-sabotage and sense you're somehow blocking your success
    • You feel down on yourself and can’t figure out how to climb out of the hole
    • You suffered trauma and can't move beyond it
    • But imagine if you could:

      • Have the relationships or happy family you so deeply desire
      • Wake up every morning feeling light, and not bogged down by your old fears, anxiety, anger, and depression
      • Release trauma and change anything at a core level
      • Be free from hidden blocks and be the powerful creator you were born to be
      • Become wildly courageous and enjoy a deeper loving and compassionate connection to yourself and the world

About Carla

In the Netherlands I grew up together with my severely autistic sister who was one year older than I. She never spoke a word and was deeply unhappy. In addition, the shadow of the war and Holocaust impacted my family, and made me aware of how the world needed to become a happier, kinder place.

That became my life-mantra.

Today I am super enthusiastic about all the results I have seen with my clients. Many healed from trauma, found love, have fulfilling relationships, harmonious family lives and are living their life purpose. So can you!

When you heal your heart,
you heal your life.
When you change your thinking,
you change your future.

More About Carla

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