Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

A cry for change

As a psychiatrist, Freud successfully treated many patients with hypnosis. During his time, hypnotherapy was considered a very powerful, effective healing tool. Nowadays however, hypnosis is not even a taught subject in most universities. Strange, isn’t it? It is so clear that many of the issues that hinder us today, are derived from our sub consciousness; where the collected data of our entire life (and more) is stored. 90- 95% Of our behavior originates from there. The word “psyche” means “soul” and “breath” and the word logos means “word/knowledge”. “Psychology” is built up of those two words. But, in reality today, psychology in many ways has pushed itself away from the science of the soul and metaphysical world and instead became more focused on the clinical science of what could simply said, be seen, observed and tested. However, the soul, our higher self, and subconsciousness are integral components of our Read More