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  Laura was a very successful entrepreneur. A few times she made several million dollars, but lost them all, went bankrupt. Her positive attitude brought her back to success repeatedly. But she was kept in fear that she would lose again and couldn’t get out of that fear.
Her doctor prescribed her an anti-depressive, which she didn’t want to take.  In tears she came to my office. She couldn’t sleep anymore from the stress. It became clear that Laura was connected to several hidden loyalties. One loyalty was about being the first successful business woman in her mom’s lineage. She felt almost ashamed towards her mother and the women who came before her, and who’s lives were really difficult, especially financially.

But also the suffering of her family who had a long history of slavery, a few generations ago. Having lots of money is like identifying with the “enemy”, the slaveholders. Her ancestors were poor and felt victims. Laura felt instantaneous relief facing and releasing these deeper layers in her consciousness.  Two sessions with me made her back on her feet, free of the terrible fear and she still is- two years later– doing great!
Again a couple, Ann and Philip, came in with a complaint that I often hear. “We love each other very much, but there’s no intimacy for 7 years. And we fight about the silliest things.” Accusations were thrown at each other. I explained that accusations do never help to get closer in understanding each other, but they rather elicit the need to defend oneself. To listen to the other person, while you are loaded with pain and disappointment yourself, is not easy, but crucial to learn. Blaming your partner for not having your needs met, isn’t working either.
When we used the footprints method it showed that Ann, the wife, stood on the place where Phillip, the husband was supposed to stand. That indicates that the balance in their marriage, the balance between masculine and feminine, was totally off.  Diving deeper, we could see that Ann and Philip as well were carrying unhealed stuff AND hidden loyalties to their own family patterns. Only a few constellation sessions created the balance that actually never really was there before. They started to learn Crystal Clear Communication (Non-Violent Communication) skills which helped them to connect much better. A few months later I received a call that their bedroom was very exciting, like never before. Intimacy flourishes again…

We were blown away!

“I have known Carla, and I’ve been participating in her family constellations for about 10 years. The transformations I have seen in others has been amazing. Recently I asked Carla if we could do a constellation for my son, even though he was several states away. His dad was skeptical but agreed to join me. We were blown away by what the constellations revealed. It gave us a better insight into our sons behavior and our own. Within days we noticed a change in our son!!! We don’t really know how it worked, we are just so thankful that it did.”

Sandra T. MA Psychology, Brookline, MA

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