Attract, Find & Keep Your Amazing Mate!

Soul Mate by Design TM                                                                         Illustrations by Irene Muller 

A Roadmap of Clearing, Reprogramming and Manifestation

“Do You Feel That Inner Spark Within You That You’d Love to Share with a Soulmate But No Matter What You Do You Can’t Seem to Meet Him/Her?”

Chances are that painful experiences are stored in your subconscious and block you from thriving and manifesting you desires. This CD/Kindle Book/Ebook has many tools to release and clear the past.

What you send out, you’ll get back. Learn exactly how to be in the vibration of love to attract your mate. This is a program developed by Carla Van Walsum, relationship expert and she has given several workshops series in Florida and around 80% found a significant relationship within 4 months. BUT, they did practiced deliberately the tools.  xxxxxxxxxxxx

This most unusual combination of knowledge and insights that Carla effortlessly blends doesn’t exist anywhere else!

 Energy and Clinical Psychology, Metaphysics, Family Constellation, Soul-insights, ACIM, Kabbalah, Mind Science, Divine Inspiration and Universal Laws are integrated all together.
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Carla plays flute in the intro and during the guided imageries.
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“I am listening to this CD for three years, have it also on my phone. It has changed my life! Also, one of my friends lost the love of her life, and I gave her one of your Healing formula’s. THREE days later the man came back and they are till today happily together!!!”

~Sonia Alexandra, Florida

“Carla, I’m amazed…I am so happy… I learned so much and yes…I met a great guy! I cant believe that your program made so many changes in my life! Thank you”

~ Alison M. Boca Raton, Florida

I received this CD and listen to it over and over again. I could not put it down. This make me realize how I can control FEAR and it is very helpful and powerful in so many levels in my life.
Recommended exercises done daily can change the way we look at the opposite sex and attract the right partner into our life. I would highly recommend this informative CD to anyone who is looking to find love.
~ Renata W. Boca Fl.

Carla’s gentle and compassionate approach is extremely inspirational and encouraging. The information she shares with her listeners is life changing. Carla offers fun, easy ,exciting techniques on how to attract true love into your life, based on your personal needs and desires. She also offers wonderful insight into your own heart and soul, to allow you to find your ideal partner. What is it that is important to you? What values/qualities do you seek in a partner? Carla reminds us that we attract what we send out, and she encourages and empowers her listeners to be the best version of themselves ,so they are able to attract the perfect mate. She does not use a “one size fits all approach”, but one that speaks to the listener on a very personal level.
Since using Carla’s material, I have met a wonderful man, the chemistry is amazing, and I have never been so happy in a relationship! Thank you Carla, for giving me the tools I needed to attract a beautiful soul connection into my life.

Nina Bellows, Florida

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