No Blame, No Shame…only Choices for Brightness

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blame, shame
In the past decades much psychotherapy was focused on blaming the parents when a child, regardless what age, had problems of thriving. In many cases, that did not contribute to more  inner peace, and harmony in the family.
NOW there is a common belief that when issues are arising, the blame for the problems is put on the ABSENCE of a parent. Either way, blaming does not create compassion, healing or insight, only guilt, shame and victim-hood.
The absence of an abusive parent could be a bliss as well, the less violence in a child’s life, the better, right?
Key of the issue is that when the CHILD is helped to heal negative experiences and is  guided to learn to forgive,  to be empathic  and taught to LOVE and APPRECIATE him/herself really, those energies pre-pave the path to a healthy, happy and thriving personality. Every experience can be turned around into an opportunity for growth and strength takes effort, but the outcome is so much better!
Acknowledge their brightness, teach to heal and clear wounds of the past at any moment in time!
blame, shame

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