Conscious Creations, Conscious Pregnancy

                                                                    for Fertility & Conception

Soar into your role as creator, catalyst, mother, or grandmother. Unleash love, life force, and limiting beliefs as you prepare to launch the next phase of your life. Master teachers Sondra Ray, Carla Van Walsum, and Lia Schultz will lead you in a magical, trans-formative afternoon: Conscious Creations, conscious pregnancy.

If you plan to mother a child or support a sister, daughter, friend, or client through pregnancy, this is the most powerful preparation available!

This six-hour day is ideal for women desiring support for conscious conception, fertility, adoption, loss or grief, special-needs caregiving, planning for a child or grandchild, or processing a birth experience.


12:30 –12:45pm           A Wild Feminine Welcome

12:45 – 1:15pm            Sondra Ray: Birth, Relationships, and Divine Creation

1:15  –  1:45pm            Investigating Your Own Birth Story

1:45  –  3:30pm            Emotional Legacies: A Generational Healing Method

3:30  –  4:00pm            Tea, Fruit, and Snacks

4:00  –  4:15pm            Bliss born: A Relaxation Meditation

4:15  –  4:45pm            Conscious Creation: Manifesting What You Desire

4:45  –   6:15pm           Breathe to Believe: Liberation Breathing®

6:15  –  6:30pm            The Divine Mother Rose Petal Ceremony


Take in the wisdom of our quest speaker Sondra Ray, internationally renowned author and expert on how the conception and birth experience impact one’s relationships. Then, combine two of the world’s most powerful healing modalities:

  • Emotional Legacies: Heal hidden dynamics in the family of origin or collective consciousness that can block fertility, wellness, and conscious creation. Return to a flow of genuine love and energetic balance.
  • Liberation Breathing: Relax deeply in a reclined position while charging your body with blissful life force through conscious, connected breathwork.

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Reservation & Payment: call 561-860-4883 or through the pop-up window.


Location: The Red Tent,  4820 NW 2nd Ave, (Teeca Plaza on Yamato) Boca Raton, FL


“I’m so happy to have participated. Had another healing moment regarding my mom today because of the session.” A. H. Boca

Amazing constellation session – I’m not even sure exactly what to call it – Sunday, at The Red Tent! Carla is so intuitive and she seems to really be able to read people. I was so moved by the experience even though we were working out someone else’s baggage! I can’t wait to get into my own and see what I’ve been carrying around! Thankyou Carla and Rohi and Lia!”  F.H. Boca

 YCC 2014

Sondra Ray is the founder of Liberation Breathing®, creator of the Loving Relationships Training®, and author of 20 books on spirituality and healing. Her renowned expertise in relationships has inspired millions; she is considered the foremost expert on how birth trauma affects one’s body, relationships, career, and life. As one of the most dynamic spiritual leaders of our day, Sondra turns miracle consciousness into daily reality for students across the world. Visit


Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D., is an emotional health professional, relationships expert and family harmony strategist in South Florida. Through her holistic practice—Heartbased Solutions— she helps individuals, couples and (blended) families with a wide variety of issues, including  divorce, loss, adoption, anger, depression, anxiety, and( trans-generational) traumas. In addition to healing work, she offers Tools for Heartbased Parenting and Happy Relationships at and


Lia Schultz is a breathwork practitioner, educator, and consultant. In her one-on-one client work, she specializes in reducing anxiety and moving clients through personal and professional trauma. She merges 15 years of experience in education management and consulting with a deep interest in mentoring, career coaching, wellness, and gentle birth. Her background includes Liberation Breathing® training and teaching with Sondra Ray and a five-year stint as Senior Consultant at Eduventures, a global research and consulting firm. Her private breathwork programs are featured at

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Conscious Creations, Conscious Pregnancy


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