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Constellations USA. A few times a year I teach a 3-4 hour class in Palm Beach State College about Family and Business Constellations. Last week it was again that time. With about 15 students I did a “blind” constellation, that means  every one who was participating knew who or what he or she was representing, and no one else knew. 

Who were part of representations? “Leadership Capacity” “Democrats” “Independent” “Republicans” “Trump” “Clinton” “Afro-Americans” Native-Americans” “Victim-hood” “Greed” “Honesty” etc. 
I have witnessed hundreds of constellations, I have facilitated even more. The hidden dynamics, intentions and surprising discoveries in this constellation were incredibly mind-blowing, when slowly one by one founds it place and changed or moved following inner urges. This was such an extremely impressive experience…
One of the powerful opportunities that this energy work reveals is the often deep hidden intentions, and of course entanglements. 
We have created a prayer for the situation with Standing Rock. Before that there was the skin of a buffalo called “Buffy”, brought to the group by a native american student. Standing on the skin, without shoes, everyone perceived part of what belongs to the Native American people. Pain, wisdom, nature, powerlessness were a few emotions that emerged.
This experience was beyond… After all this I spontaneously created a prayer for the unity and love of the country, and the students contributed with beautiful intentions.

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Sunday December 11th is our next workshop 

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