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The Art of Loving Relationships

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all

the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi  

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Learn how to create and maintain the loving, authentic relationships you deserve.

                                       Get Happy NOW! It is possible! 


One of the key questions I hear is “How could so much love go so wrong?” Often marriages fail because of the entanglements within each partner’s family system and inherited patterns. Disappointments become accusations, and the path is open to blame, shame and guilt. The result is more alienation and less understanding. But..there are always solutions to find.

  Something is not comfortable in your marriage or relationship but you’re not sure what to do.  By taking action in choosing to learn and grow, you will find that more happiness and harmony with yourself and in your relationship will emerge.

♥  My methods can very quickly change the relationship dynamics in your personal life. Often divorce is not necessary, because you will find that insights within deeper layers, inherited patterns and unknown entanglements shift  to create a better understanding and connection. Love is flowing again.

  Most people haven’t been raised in loving environments. What you don’t have, you cannot give.  Healing of the past wounds, learning respectful, authentic communication is key and something that everyone is able to do. Today we have the privilege that we can CHOOSE and  thus HONOR our need to have  relationships with the quality and depth we desire. It only requires to take action.

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“Carla’s Counseling sessions are profound and cutting through the chaff, getting to the heart of the matter. She helped us to focus on our love rather than our past relationship baggage, and now, years later, we are still happily  together!” ~M.P. Boynton Beach


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  get clarity and awareness

  communicate more effectively

♥  heal your baggage trap

♥  be heard and understood 

♥  find hope and solutions

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