Mayan calendar. Do you think this is true?

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 If the Mayan’s were right in their calculations, then 12-21-12 is a magical day. They didn’t continue their calendar after this date, however we do! Though, the meaning could be the announcement of the destruction of “the old world” where people were fighting, judging, humiliating, hurting, alienating. It marks the start of a “new era”: the uplifting of consciousness to create a more compassionate world with the mass intention to focus on joy, love, authenticity, beauty, trust and healing.  
Whatever beliefs you may hold about this date, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the power of the positive choices everyone can make every day. Choices are like the sprouts of the seeds rooted in soil. The soil however, needs to be rich and healthy for the best results. Soil and soul differ just one letter. What they have in common is that they need to be healthy. As you know, part of our soul is our  subconscious and unconscious mind which contains all the collected data of our past, even the memories of our family for several generations. Clinical psychology Research shows that traumatic events are stored in the limbic brain for three generations. However, the past is over, being in the Now is a great way to live. It is even greater to get rid of disturbing Thoughts and feelings (based on the past) that don’t serve you well. What you focus on expands.
Mayan calendar

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