Gratitude for a special Lady

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In the morning I printed something in Office Max and suddenly a tiny lady came over to me and said:” sorry to bother u but I have to tell you that i see u surrounded with so much light and loving energy.” “Well,  thank you” I said “I’m a therapist so I need a lot of light and loving energy!”.

I was actually expecting to hear next that a dark force is coming to hurt me and all i needed to do was doing a session with her. Several “psychics” have done that before!  But no, she didn’t. She said: “I printed out several pictures I made and want to give them to you. Birds represent freedom and if u are sad look at the birds and they make you happy! Their wings show us how to escape from being hurt or treated badly”. The pictures I thought they are amazing. “Show them to your clients” she said. We talked a little more. She told me about her children with severe migraine and depressions. “Are u or your husband related to the Holocaust?” I asked her. “Yes” she said.

bird 2

bird 1

bird 3bird 4“My dad was the only survivor of his family. But I’m born in Argentina and we had to run again for the coup/ the junta”. Well I knew about that. I had several friends in Holland, Paris and Israel who had to flee for the same reasons in the early seventies. I told her about my work that can reveal generational transferred traumas. Physical manifestations can be part of that. The little lady needed to go and we said goodbye. I went to Homegoods. As usually I end up at the candle section. Guess who suddenly bumped into me, my new little friend! We went together to the register and there she was greeted by several ladies behind the counter. “They know you all!” I laughed. “Yes, I feel sorry for them that they have to stand the entire day and since there are quite some nasty demanding people in Boca I bring them chocolates and candies”. Isn’t that awesome??? Much gratitude for such a beautiful lady!

It personally bothers me too that people have to STAND the entire day behind a register. It is very unhealthy and its disrespectful of the companies towards their employees. In Holland that habit was already forbidden just after World war II. Take care of the people who work for you and help your business and wealth grow. Pay them well and treat them with respect. That’s one of the reasons I am such an advocate of Relationship-marketing or MLM as long as it’s an ethical company.


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