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Clear blocks and inherited family patterns that are preventing you from living your happiest life!

Open your heart to see your magnitude.

Find the peace you so deserve.

Whether you are aware of it or not, what you inherited from your family; patterns, traumas and beliefs, can keep you stuck and miserable. This can affect your physical health, your relationships, your career, your financial success, and more. You might have sensed something beyond your control is happening, but you don’t know how to get past it.

It’s time for you to release or you’ll remain stuck. Experience this very powerful and popular European method of healing that’s like no other! 

Carla’s clients are amazed at how easily these energies can be found and removed, and by how much better they feel when they are freed from them. You will go home recharged and happier.  

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 Clear your mind from limiting beliefs   Program your mind/body for optimal health & vitality
 Experience the Emotion Code   Inherited Family Trauma can stop with you
 Tap into your unlimited potential ✓  Reduce emotional stress

Once you experience inner change, your outer world will change too. You’ll discover what’s impacting your present situation and clear it. You’ll shift from feeling lack, disconnected, burdened, insecure, unhappy and unloved to feeling secure, connected, loved, joyful, and free. 

This healing and empowerment circles will pave the way for you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Even though your family members will not be present, they will receive the benefits of this healing too!

Bring your questions! We will do a variety of exercises.

Failed relationships, lack of success, unexplained fears, depression, chronic conditions can all be inherited from our parents and grandparents AND your belief-systems. Through lecture, exercises and constellations you will learn and experience how to break biologically inherited patterns.

Come, join us and try it out!

I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!

“I have experienced many healing modalities in my journey to wellness.  I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!  It feels like this modality reaches the core energy of the issue at hand and provides the opportunity for healing on a cellular level.  It’s very fascinating to me that we are able to influence the effects on ourselves and our children from the experiences of ancestors we never met.  This work gives us the platform to consciously focus on energy clearing and release to free ourselves and our ancestors from energetic entanglements. Carla’s constellation work is brilliant!  I am grateful for the blessing of the healing it has provided for me and my line as well as others, the world is better for it!”

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