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Tap into your incredible innate capacity to heal circumstances, relationships and difficult life situations!




Extra support for your life’s path:

  • Recieve emotional support during transitions
  • Boost your communications skills so you can improve your personal relationships
  • Regulate your self-talk to feel great
  • Uncover your life’s purpose and support on your spiritual path
  • Heal the old wounds of your 'family soul' and create a happy family

Clients have seen dramatic improvements: often in just a few sessions!

  • Clarity in understanding your intimate relationships
  • Support for gentler divorce, custody and loyalty conflicts
  • Effective help for issues and scars around adoption
  • Transformation of fear, anxiety and depression
  • How to rebuild a joyous life after painful events or loss
  • Relief from chronic loneliness, lack of fulfillment, purpose in life
  • Ease for burdened children including ADHD, self-injury and eating disorders
  • Find the secret to getting “unstuck” and getting back to your creative flow in life, money, career and relationships

"In appreciation and validation of our varieties lies the key for precious, high-quality relationships."


As Einstein said: Everything IS Energy!

Thoughts are energy, your sub-and unconscious(ness) mind are existing energy fields. The subconscious mind constains the collected data of our entire past, is the driving force of our behavior and exists of energetic substances that impacts our lives and our happiness/wellbeing today. Clinical psychology research has shown that traumas are stored in the limbic brain for at least 3 generations. In order to really thrive and live your full potential, recognizing and healing/releasing trauma's and limiting beliefs is imperative. Chronic emotional and physical suffering, troublesome relationships can be a sign of traumas in the family-energy field and the morpho-genetic fields. Angry father-angry son-angry grandson. Sad mother-sad daughter..., can be expressions of generational Epigenetic transmissions. To discover and release those disturbances and for virtually any complicated issue my work can help you to make changes as I have helped many, many others.

Never give up hope and trust, open up for new experiences. Access the bigger picture of your life! By only identifying and fighting the symptoms, we miss out on many Hidden Truths. Allow yourself to get back into the flow of harmony, balance and shining; re-program your mind and claim your happiest life.
In addition to private counseling sessions, personal growth classes and Happy Children, Happy Home!© Parenting Workshops, my Life's Hidden Truths Workshops (also available on Skype world wide) might be the turning point where your life will be transformed for ever.

Heal your heart, you heal your life. Change your thinking and you change your future!

Often a few sessions are sufficient to make a change!


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Interview with Jeneth Blackert featuring Author Carla Van Walsum

"Many parents bring their children to therapy and expect the therapist to 'fix' their child. Children often mirror what's going on in the family, what is unresolved between the parents or what is belonging to or behind the parents. When we only look at the child as the problem, the whole picture does not become visible...”

Special Offer for Families:


A blend of European, American and Eastern philosophies We want our children to be their brightest selves. We want them to be happy and successful in whatever they choose to be, do or have. We wish them to be responsible and compassionate, loving, caring and kind for the world...using their talents and unlimited potential. And.. HOW do YOU get there?

Find out by ordering form Carla's Happiest You! series your Happy Children, Happy Home© MP3s!