Systemic Family Constellations:

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“Carla’s constellation workshop is moving, powerful, and healing on multi-dimensional levels simultaneously, enabling healing to occur in the past, present, and future timelines.  I look forward to seeing you there.” Linda K.

“ Boca Raton: Constellation Approach” Transpersonal-Counseling, LLC

Wouldn’t it be nice if your world could change in an instant?       A magic box that opens and all is well? It  sounds  too much to  promise,  but you are invited to tap  into the world of a deeply profound and grounded European famous method called: Systemic  Family Constellations ( Dr. Bert Hellinger) and you will  see miracles unfolding.  This   work succeeds by diminishing the unconscious impulses that produces unwanted, destructive behaviors. With astonishing specificity individuals discover the root causes to their individual  problems (or their family members who do not need to be present)  and how these  nest within the field shaped by ancestral family trauma’s that are often frozen, opening up the problems into new solutions. During a constellation unexpected patterns are released,  opening up the minds with reverence for life, creating  compassion  for others.

We all are born into a family as  part of the “family soul”. When wounds/scars of the past generations are not healed, the future generation unconsciously may take on that burden, out of love and loyalty .

 Wouldn’t it be nice if you finally understand  why :

your child seems distant towards you?

· you cannot overcome your addictions?

you feel gratitude for adoption but the resentment is predominant?

you are unsatisfied as a stay-at-home mom although it is your choice?

your health or finances suffer?

you  or your loved ones cannot come at peace with a divorce?

· you cannot commit really in a  relationship ?you procrastinate in being successful?

your child overeats or has anorexia?

Every session begins with only one question: What is your issue?  And the answer can be anything considered urgent and described in a few sentences.

In an almost   silent   process  the constellation unfolds  within an hour  towards solutions.

 90 % Of the participants report afterwards that the issue has been  eased or totally resolved.

Remember, Einstein said: “Everything is Energy”.

Aren’t we al yearning for deep fulfilling lives and relationships, for self actualization and a happier world, where our children will be free of burdens and enjoy the beauty of all that is?

Facilitated by Carla Van Walsum Ph.D c LSHC

Carla has been trained and certified with Dr Bert Hellinger in Europe, the Dutch Hellinger Institute, Academy for Eclectic  Psychotherapy and with the Boston Constellation Approach. She has facilitated numerous constellations with groups and utilizes this work also in her private practice frequently 1on 1, with adults and with children.



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