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Thank God I… Volume 3 The best Sellinge series Thank God I...® does it again! Just when you thought you heard it all. Thank God I...® has released the final compilation to their inspirational trilogy.

Are you dealing with a current “negative” circumstance or crisis? This release consists of over 50 heart-stopping true stories that share the experience of personally evolving to a place of inspiration and gratitude.

Empower the people you love – and yourself – with these stories of incredible triumph!




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Click here for Carla's other website: Life's Hidden Truths/ Systemic Family & Organizations Work

California Constellations with Gary Stuart --Private distance sessions

Michael Reddy PhD's book: Health, Happiness & Family Constellations

Dr Dan Booth Cohen's book: I Carry Your Heart in My Heart, about Constellations in Prison




Read about Dr Lima Laibow, Psychiatrist

Dr Rima Laibow's interview:



This bottle is TOTALLY bio-degradable in 2 months, has an inbuilt filter that takes pout 99% of the chlorine.

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Empowerment through shared Prosperity, Community and Charity!


Feeding The Children - Making A Difference

We are socially conscious entrepreneurs. It is heartbreaking to know that in the USA, children still go to bed hungry. Some children cannot go to school every day because they do not have proper clothing.Nussentials donates 5% of its gross product sales to support those children right here in the United States through Children Incorporated & Make a Wish Foundation.

How does our charitable gift of 5% compare to the corporate world? After extensive research, we discovered that our percentage given is unmatched by the combination of any ten Fortune 500 companies’ donations, all added together. We put our money where our heart is.When you partner with us, you do more than simply make a difference - you make an impact where it is needed, where it really counts - in the life of a child.

Since you have an unlimited income opportunity to make a difference in your life - the more you earn, the more kids we feed!

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The Whole Soul ( Kol Ha Neshama) Ofrah Haza