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I have seen several clients this week, beautiful, insightful conscious people who want to make the best out of their lives. Many spent tremendously much energy and effort in ‘deleting’ out of their system the hurt caused by others. Nasty remarks, selfish actions, senseless judgments, all stuff that we dont need and is put for free, uninvited on our plates. The negative energy as a result is tremendous for the receivers. Hurting others, the effect of a “closed”heart, not understanding what you are doing to others and feeling threatened by the world, seeing danger everywhere and most of all feeling a victim of live and circumstances, needs to be released. Yay! Send fear away, out of your life!
Do we expect too much from others? Some people think that the answer to prevent disappointment is to let go of any expectations. That feels kind of empty too. Replace it by:”” I am opening up for the best experiences, in whatever way, shape or form they appear.””Feels kind of relaxed, right? Any experience might hold a truth and lesson, you do not necessarily see or recognize that right away. The lesson can also be that you need to turn away from those who harm too much. They make their choices, consciously or not, allow them to be who they are, and so do you allow yourself to be who you are and to choose what makes you feel good!!!
Those””‘naggies” are often characterized as black & white opinionated ones. To have strong opinions create kind of safety and is also perceived as ‘strength’, by the opinionated ones of course. However, wisdom is hidden behind the doubt. Though, not-knowing, having doubts is often perceived as insecure. So, having strong opinions, should keep the fear out-of-the-way! That is NOT true! Being a seeker is the path to go in order to discover other ways and truths, and to move forward. So, when your focus is elsewhere, (and you lose your energy to the ”naggies”)  and not on finding LOVE and JOY, you will find everything else but… Send positive energy to those that don’t bring love and joy into your life and set forward the intention to meet loving, caring compassionate people. You deserve the best, so choose love finders. EnJOY your day!

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