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Happy Children, Happy Home©! series

Wednesday, March 6th 2013
From the desk of Carla Van Walsum

Dear Frustrated Parent!

I know you have a mission.

You are meant to be a loving, compassionate, wise parent, right?

It's your passion and one of your purposes in life.

So why are you feeling stuck?

If you're like so many other parents...You really want your child(ren) to be successful in life, in all areas.

You're just not sure exactly what to do next!

Wouldn't it be great if you had the tools that teach you how to be the best parent you are meant to be! After all, children don't come with a manual! This course will teach you how to connect with your intuition and empowers you to create new effective ways to relate to your children. 
Discover a new understanding of your role as parent or caregiver. You will be provided with the tools, tips and resources to create cooperative, meaningful relationships with your children and loved ones in order to have a happy home and peace of mind.


Conscious, Purposeful Parenting:


Peaceful interaction with your Children & Family.             
Acknowledge the child for who s/he really is.
Respect your child, s/he will respect you in return automatically.
Eliminate fear & stress-thinking, give boundaries & guidance.
Negate negativity; focus on positive thoughts, what you focus on expands.
Trust your child, what you'll send out you'll get back.


The result of Conscious, Purposeful Parenting is a Happy Child who is:


Compassionate and cooperative.
Honoring self and others.
Interacting with integrity. 
Loyal to others and to his/her own hopes and dreams.
Daring to be authentic and truthful.




Let me shine a light into why you might feel stuck…

It's not your fault.

Your parents didnt teach you this. The world has not been so great in creating a lot of happy people. Our family exeperiences and burden determine our lives.How many you know who are really thriving and feeling successful and living in a harmonious family? Often it is just about surviving in life, carrying baggage they rather don't have but cannot rid off easily either.

The problem is that you want to make changes, but how? Many people raise their children based on fear for this and fear for that. The world is dangerous ( always has been), kids barely play outdoors, schools create a lot of daily pressure because of tests and demands. Life IS supposed to be fun, actually.

Your visions/ beliefs, thoughts and feelings completely and unequivocally impact how successful, happy you'll be as a parent, and your loved ones around you. A child only needs happy parents. And that is often not an easy task..Therefor, it is extremely important to explore other possibilities then you have learned and experienced so far. Not reading another book about parenting. But awakening your intuition and connecting to your inner wisdom that guides you to amazing results. Love is the ultimate path to go. Fear is a detrimentla 'adviser' that alianates us from who we really are and what it is about. take guided action.

This is what I teach.

"Carla is a wonderfully bright and shining gem in my life.  With her guidance I have reacquainted myself with a life filled with love, laughter and joy.  She holds a vast clinical, scientific and spiritual knowledge which she lovingly shares to heal and transform those willing to listen and learn. She is authentic and articulate; a real treasure to anyone looking for personal transformation.

Many of you have heard me speak of Carla Van Walsum's workshops and how wonderful I think she is.  I met Carla via her "Happy Children, Happy Home" workshops.  I really believe in the work that she's doing.  She certainly helped me and my family discover (or re-discover) how to live with more love, laughter and happiness.  I can say, though, that in working with Carla, life is much more pleasant and less stressful for us now than before...

Katie Starkey, Ft Lauderdale



But first, who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Carla Van Walsum best known as relationship-expert, working in my holistic practice for personal growth and healing, with indivuals, couples and families. Areas as adoption, divorce and (trans-generational) traumas are fields I am very dedicated and passionate about. It is awesome to help others becoming really happy and successful!

The birth of my three children was the most precious gift in my life. Now they are in the magical teens years which I certainly enjoy too!
As child I wondered why adults could be so angry when a kid had behavior, ideas or actions other then they liked or appreciated. I felt the alienated conditional attitudes. I saw how criticism, comments, judgments, often not even factual, ruined the feelings of wellbeing and self worth for children. Blame, shame and the guilt trip, it felt very wrong.
I was determined to be the most patient and loving mother, and to give my children the feeling that they were totally accepted the way they were: precious lovable beings. The were not my possessions I would not try to change and fit them in a mold reflecting my perceptions. And educating through love is exactly what I do teach others, what I became very good in!Reintating the flow of love back into families is an awesome job. Yes, the bigger picture is important, healing through generations to free the future from burdens...

it s so simple! Your sub conscious contains the collected data of your entire life, and is for 95% the drive behind your thoughts and actions.


"I've been to 2 other local licensed counselors over the past year with extremely surface level results. To truly get to the root of the issues, I decided to research online for accredited counselors that not only dealt with the psychological aspect of healing, but the spiritual aspect as well. After interviewing her over the phone and asking several key questions, I felt confident in attending one of her sessions.

Within that first session, I was already making complete and profound life changing realizations about past thinking patterns and choices that ultimately effect my everyday. Carla approaches counsel by taking a holistic view based on values, influences, goals, and relationships and has been amazing at uncovering deep seeded obstructions that block potential healing. She provides activities during both the sessions and for homework that help open doors for positive navigation of life's challenges no matter the situation or spiritual belief. She truly cares, is compassionate, friendly, trust worthy and takes an extremely neutral position throughout the entire process."

David Martin, Executive Creative Director




The Feng Shui Magical Home Office Makeover System™
It really gets me upset when people invest a ton of money in business strategies and are still spinning their wheels to get ahead. They might even invest in energy healing too. But if they don't invest the time to properly set up their office (and remove the blocks) they will not reach their full potential.
And I don't want this to happen to you!
That's exactly why I created The Feng Shui Magical Home Office Makeover System.
Throughout this four-part training, I share the same methods with you that have worked for hundreds of my private clients over the last twelve years.

I teach you exactly what to do to arrange your office, so it finally works for your benefit and business!

Now, before I tell you what you get in this training, let me first share with you what WON'T happen:

* You won't be told to put frogs and dragons in your home!
* You won't be taught any "magic potions" or witchcraft.
* You won't be presented with really confusing gobbledegook that seems like an alien is speaking to you.


Description: feng shui office advice"I want to thank you, Sheree! Since your Feng Shui Consultation, I have between 3 and 5 new clients every week!
~Diana Black, Arf Nouveau Pet Salon,, Lake Worth, Florida


Using Feng Shui to arrange your workspace is the QUICKEST and BEST way to:
• Get unstuck so that you'll have the ability take your business to the next level.
• Become more productive (which adds cash to your bottom line).
Attract more clients (which also means more money)!
• Become empowered so you can manifest the business success you've been dreaming of.

But there is a catch. Reading about Feng Shui on your own and applying it is not easy to get these kind of results. (As you might have experienced struggling to learn the complicated science of Feng Shui and understanding the principles and then making your changes with little or nothing to show for it. Then to add insult to injury, after all this work, you're STILL "stuck"!) If you don't know what you're doing, you can EASILY waste tons of hours of your valuable time and energy with nothing to show for it.

So properly arranging your workspace is crucial to your success.  But it's only the beginning. You ALSO need to know EXACTLY how to apply the Feng Shui insider's secrets to:
- Stimulate your money corner in your office so that BIG cash will flow to you.
- Activate your fame area so that you won't be the best kept secret anymore.
- Open up the flow so that opportunities will arrive at your doorstep.
Perhaps you may have taken classes or read some Feng Shui books and what not.  

(But it's STILL not working, is it?)
That's because you don't have my PROVEN system. You see, I have this down to a science. I know EXACTLY what you need to do and HOW to get the BEST results.
Plus, there are things that are CRUCIAL to do – and you might be inadvertently skipping them because you don't think they're all that important!


Description:"I operate a home based business. I applied Sheree's feng shui strategies and  I'm feeling so much lighter and empowered. And to top it off, my income tripled in my business within 1 week!! Also, a fantastic business opportunity fell into my lap!

P. Hamilton, Gluten Free Goodies



Here is just a taste of what you WILL get with the Feng Shui Magical Home Office Makeover Program.
*Whether you're a novice at Feng Shui or not, you'll discover strategies and tips designed to help you create an environment that will support your business vision. All you need to do is follow my step by step system to see these results in YOUR business.
*You'll learn my simple secrets on how to set up your office to boost your career by opening up the flow in your space to attract more business opportunities.
*You'll learn exactly how to manifest more money and increase your cash flow by applying my powerful Feng Shui strategies.
*You'll learn my secret formula to attract more clients and also get more support by attracting a flow of helpful people.
*I'll reveal my step by step strategies to establish more recognition, visibility and exposure for your business.
*I'll also be teaching you what key areas in your home influence your business success and you'll be making some tweaks in those areas too. And much more that I'll keep as a surprise!


Description:"I have learned so much in your program! I LOVE Feng Shui and I LOVE my office now!! I am so much more productive and feel empowered. Thank you, Sheree!"
~MaryJo Whelan, Real Estate Property Manager, Maryland


No one has EVER put the entire system together like I have. Typically you'll get maybe a piece of the system (and most likely it's from someone who doesn't have my track record of success) but you won't see the WHOLE thing.
It's VITAL you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don't, chances are you're not going to get the BIG results.
What are the results from participating in this program?

You will become more empowered and productive, you'll gain clarity and when this happens you'll naturally attract more clients, opportunities will flow to you and you'll boost your bottom line.


You don't have to let go of your dreams because you need more income. You CAN get off the hamster wheel, get unstuck and have money flowing your way.

Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn with the
The Feng Shui Magical Home Office Makeover Program:


Module 1



-A guided meditation to get grounded and focused.

-The first thing you need to do before even attempting Feng Shui.

-How to get clear on your goals.

-Why you can use your environment to your advantage.

-How to use your office as your big vision board.

-The number one thing that you must use with Feng Shui otherwise it won't work.

-What you must not have in your workspace or you'll block your flow of money, clients and opportunities.

-What natural elements you can add to your space to get the stuck energy moving.

-How to create an environment that supports your career goals.

-What you can do to increase your productivity.

-What you can add to your office to feel energized while working.

-What the right type of desk and chair would be for you.

-How to position your desk in your office.

-How to clear the negative energy in your office.

-Feng Shui tips to bring in more clients.

-A check list of "must do's" to get the energy flowing.


Module 2


-A guided meditation to get grounded and focused.
-Part 1 of 2 learning about the Feng Shui energy map called the Bagua Map (the most important tool in Feng Shui) and how you can use it as a blueprint to boost your business. Since the Bagua Map can have such a powerful effect on your business, it's essential that you use it correctly. It's Feng Shui's way of bringing the power of your Intention to activate cash flow, visibility, client attraction and more for your business. You will be taught how to use this powerful Feng Shui Tool to enhance your business.
-Discover what will block your flow of energy which will negatively affect your business and what you can do to fix these problematic areas.
-What are poison arrows (the causes of irritability, headaches and body aches) and what you can do to eliminate them.
-Windows and how the energy can go right out (along with your money) and what you can do to prevent that from happening.
-What happens if your office is an odd shape (not perfectly square or rectangular). In Feng Shui, the shape of your office is important because if you have missing areas you can be missing help, opportunities and money from coming to you. You will learn remedies on how to fix this problem.
-You will learn where the energy enters your home and why it's the most important part of your home that will influence your business success.

Module 3


-A guided meditation to get grounded and focused.
-Part 2 of learning about The Bagua Map. There is a lot of material to cover with this most important Feng Shui Tool!
-How to activate your front entrance so that opportunities arrive at your doorstep.
- What to do if your front door is opposite a window or another door so that your money doesn't come and go easily.
-How to Feng Shui your desk for profits.
-How to detect money leaks and fix them.
-A powerful Feng Shui Ritual to access any negative core beliefs about money and release them.
-Discover what are the 5 Chinese Elements and what your Chinese Element is. Using a balance of these elements in your workspace will feel balanced and peaceful. If you have too much of an element that conflicts with your personal element, you won't feel good in the space and your clarity, focus and productivity will be affected.

Module 4


 -A guided meditation to get grounded and focused.

- You'll learn about your Feng Shui image.

- Find out about how your car, your wardrobe, and your wallet affect your business profits and what you can do about it.

- We will discuss Financial Feng Shui.

- How to create a manifestation board Feng Shui Style.

-Your Feng Shui happiness meter and how you can get that meter up.

-How your peers affects your business success.

- And much more!


So now you may be wondering, "Sheree, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me all this?"
That's a valid question!
Here's my answer…
I've designed this training to go much deeper than one of those "in-a-box" info products that gets you all excited and then leaves you discouraged struggling. Sorry, I care too much to do that to you.
I'm going to hold your hand all the way through this one. It's not okay with me for you to do anything but maximize your revenues and your ability to serve from your investment here.
Here are the SPECIFICS of  what you'll get:

  • Valuable handouts and checklists that go along with each module.
  • MP3 recordings of each call for your Success Library.
  • Transcripts for every call.

This is the exciting part. You see, I'm PASSIONATE about not only making sure this information gets into your hands but that you actually USE it. That's why I designed an entire program around this experience.
After each call you'll have assignments to complete at your own pace. You'll be transforming your home office step by step.
The only catch? You really need to do the work to get the results.
From this program, you will have everything you need to get started and succeed right away so I'm sweetening the pot even more.
There's more!


A transformational Subliminal Audio to program your brain with positivity. ($50 Value)


A 20 minute one-one-one follow-up call with me. After you go through the program, you can schedule a call with me to ask me any questions you might have regarding the material that was covered. My intention is for you to have outstanding RESULTS! ($100 Value)




Great Carla. What is all this going to cost me?

Consider it an investment, because it is. It's an investment in your future. No more wasting money paying for programs that aren't worthwhile to you. No more financial suffering, because once you put my training to work, you WILL attract more money and more clients.
My personal clients pay me thousands to work through this EXACT same system!

But guess what? It' not going to cost you thousands.
For a limited time you'll only pay $147.


My Personal "Make You Happy Guarantee"
My aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with this "Feng Shui Your Way to Success Magical Home Office Makeover" Program, and if for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with this product, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you faithfully applied what you learned in this program and you're not happy with the quality of information provided, just let my team know within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a refund.
And that's my promise to you,



Description:"I've always been really particular about the way my environment is set up, and knowing simple to implement Feng Dhui principles has helped me understand even more about the effects surroundings have on both my personal and business worlds alike.
After learning the simple, but super-effective principles Sheree recommends, it was easy to configure my environment for success right away and even easier to keep it that way! I've had more energy, more time, and have attracted more clients and money into my business as a result!

Brandi Graves, Marketing Expert and Coach


This is an investment in you and your business.


If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results.


It's time to do something unconventional!

I've spent many years learning how to really quantum leap my business and know for a fact that if your environment is not properly set up to support your vision and your goals you won't reach your full potential. Think about where you'll be in 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now?

"The difference between whether you say, "I wish I would have," or "I'm glad I did," at the end of your life is whether or not you take decisive action during your life."  – Chris Widener
So are you ready to transform your office to prosper?










To your overflowing success,

P.S.  Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions.
P.P.S. Remember that if you're investing in this program to further your business, your entire investment is 100% tax deductible. (Double-check with your accountant of course.) That makes this an even better deal—you really can't lose!


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