The Heart remembers what the Mind forgets...

Whether it is your family system, your body system, your relationship system or even your job system, what happens in a constellation will resonate with you in an intimate way and at the same time give you a completely new awareness of what is causing your difficulty.

Hidden Truths come to surface. As representatives in the group tap into your system, the information shows up in their energy field as feelings and responses. When a blockage is revealed, a facilitator can intervene in specific ways to release the block and allow energy to flow freely.This freeing up of energy is called "coming to a resolution" and when it occurs, the participants as well as the observers feel immidiately relaxed and at ease.

What Can It Do For You?

Constellations can work miracles. Besides freeing up the energy in your system, it also opens a door to an expanded view of reality. It does so gently and with great love and wisdom. One of the major benefits of experiencing this work can be described as being in the flow of life and seeing everything from a broader perspective of love and forgiveness.

You begin to connect with a wisdom that is a part of everyone and everything, or your 'family-soul' and as you allow this energy to move you, life becomes easier and more harmonious. It has nothing to do with beliefs or thought processes. It is an embodied experience of returning to grace.

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How Does it Work?

Constellations provide easy life solutions without hours of talking and digging...Some phenomenological constellations take place in 5 minutes, and can change your life and others' lives instantly.

A client who asks for a constellation brings concrete issues and real life concerns to the workshop. The Constellation helps them experience a healing movement that can carry over into their day to day life and relationships.

Constellation work is based on a simple but profound idea: Our wellbeing is tied to the well-being of our family system, or ‘family-soul’, which includes our family members and the generations that preceded us. At a deep level we are the sum of the past, we are connected with it all, especially our family legacy, whether we recognize it or not. It follows us until we heal it.

Modern research shows that trauma has deep ramifications into the third generation. We carry it in our limbic brain, which reaches deep into the soul. The constellation is a powerful tool that opens you up because it bypasses the mind and goes right into the soul. It is vital for healing.

Any painful event touches every single family member and continues to reverberate down to later generations.

For most of us they can appear as incomprehensible occurring life events and not understandable troubling relationships.

The wounds people carry cause entanglements in the flow of love. Hellinger says these entanglements disturb our lives and can manifest in the form of sudden illnesses or accidents, depression, mental illness, and persistent relationship conflicts or dysfunction.

Systemic Family Healing is related to a process called “Family Mapping.” This process was formulated by psychotherapist Mark Wolynn and derived from the work of Dr Bert Hellinger, Virginia Satir, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagi, Milton Erickson and others.
The Phenomenological, Family System theory has been tested and refined through many years of clinical practice. It has been used successfully with hundreds of thousands of clients, and practiced in a variety of forms in more than 30 countries

Constellations are the visible dynamics of a system

'Changing dynamics"

Maximize The Flow and Success of Your Business Now!

Any one of the following will allow more succes and manifestation of your business. Immediate increases in clients and income has been happening following a constellation. Different energy, new insights and release of blocks will sustain this increased flow. Permanent releasing of all impediments will be noticeble in the system.

A journey into YOU and YOUR desires beyond your business
A shift into YOUR personal value
A proven strategy that changes your paradigm
The Art of Constellations has changed many, many lives


  • How to get 'UNSTUCK' from your 'HIDDEN' life draining blocks
  • How to 'RE-WIRE' your mind to release resistance and UNLOCK your INNER POWER
  • Why KINDNESS and CONNECTION are the True Wealth in this New Economy
  • Why the old ways of creating wealth and fulfillment SIMPLY WON'T WORK
  • How the Currency of the New Economy is about natural flow and how to Access Unlimited Quantities


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“The heart remembers what the mind forgets…”


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