Peace around Divorce

Any event can be an opportunity for learning, growth and profound understanding.

The choice is yours.

Are you ready to heal yourself, your child(ren) or your entire family? Ready to move out of the drama surrounding divorce and into a more peaceful home life? Carla goes quickly to the heart of the matter with a non-judgmental and compassionate attitude. Her unique combination of clinical psychology and metaphysical science provides effective ways to move forward.

Carla works with a very popular European method: Family Mapping with colored Footprints and Systemic Family Healing (Constellations) that shows the 'inner picture' of the child and dynamics in the family. Children LOVE the Footprints method, because no difficult questions are asked. The insights are significant and often shocking, results are immediate.


Follow-up private sessions and group workshops can provide: 

  • Quick steps to establishing a true Co-parenting collaboration--even if you can't stand your ex-spouse at this moment!
  • 7 steps for finding your family's stride or "new normal" after divorce
  • Closure/New beginning ceremonies
  • Secrets to restoring harmony and respect and even rekindling friendship with your ex
  • Immediately diffuse kids' and teens' anger, frustration and acting out
  • Crystal Clear Communication teaches you how to cut through unnecessary drama with your ex and arrive at practical, peaceful agreements
  • Leave a session feeling lighter, happier and more optimistic.
  • Effective tools for dealing with a new girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse!
    Allow yourself to be the Happiest You!!!

Some affirmations to use and ponder about:

I refuse to limit myself. I am open for the best and greatest life.
I am always willing to take the next step.
They were doing the best they could with the knowledge, understanding, and awareness that they had at the time.
There is no right or wrong. I move beyond my judgment. I have a love-based attitude.
I give myself permission to let go