Carla van walsum author“Thank God I…”  Volume III

  Triumph through Tragedy

The Best Selling Series Thank God I…® does it again! Just when you thought you heard it all. Thank God I…® has released the final compilation to their inspirational trilogy, and is co-authored by Carla Van Walsum. If you are dealing with a current “negative” circumstance or crisis, this release consists of over 50 heart-stopping true stories that share the experience of personally evolving to a place of inspiration and gratitude. Carla’s chapter is: “Thank God My Son Has ADHD, but that does actually mean: Attached to Dialing into a Higher Dimension.”

Empower the people you love – and yourself – with these stories of incredible triumph!  

carla van walsum authorAllow Your Vision To Soar 

Carla is also co-author in this book, ‘Allow Your VIsion To Soar” by Kimberly West, the Founder  of Allow Your Spirit to Soar, Inc.  
This book will take YOU on a Journey of Transformation, Inspiration, Peace, Hope, Love & Joy.
Carla’s chapter is called:
Life’s Hidden Truths:
The heart remembers what the mind forgets.
About Love, Trauma, Metaphysics and Systemic Family Constellations.

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