Mission Statement:

We are two unique professional women who are dedicated to help others deal with relationship and communication issues, by emotional healing, teaching effective communication skills, and giving a legal education to the layperson.

Carla and Carol offer  unique and unusual educational programs as we combine our years of knowledge  and experience as a psychologist (Carla) and family law attorney (Carol) to formulate a program combining the two genres with a spiritual twist to create solutions that will assist those who are having relationship difficulties or those who are not but want to learn to communicate effectively with their significant others to provide a long lasting environment of happiness and growth fulfillment.

These program are designed to assist people in

  • love relationships, whether contemplating marriage,
  • in a relationship or marriage and wanting to make it work,
  • contemplating divorce,
  • undergoing divorce,
  • having post-divorce relationship problems.

We are offering the tools to effectively get through any pain or trauma which could be counterproductive to the individual, significant other, spouse or ex-spouse, and especially to any children involved.


Carla’s program consists of


Carol’s program consists of teaching individuals and couples about their legal rights, enlightening individuals as to their family law options.  She will teach about pre-nuptials and post-nuptials, the pros and cons, and depending upon the personalities involved, how these agreements can be used to improve a marriage.  She will also reveal the options people have when contemplating or seeking a divorce, including the processes of Collaborative Law and Mediation.   A divorce does not have to be adversarial, long drawn out, painful and traumatic, but can be quick and cost effective.   Carol’s legal experience and spiritual knowledge, as well as her compassionate nature will teach individuals how to significantly use the tools to get through and empower themselves during any difficulty during a legal process.

After attending Carla and Carol’s program, there is no doubt that you will be on your way to a more fulfilling relationship with your significant other whether it is at the beginning or at the end of the relationship.


Would you like?

  • To simplify the process and have a successful outcome?
  • A step-by-step guide to follow so you won’t get lost?
  • To save thousands of dollars?
  • To be driven by understanding and respect instead of anger and pain?
  • To cooperate instead of fight?
  • To master the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce?
  • To know what to expect upfront so there are no surprises?
  • To step into the best version of yourself?


We look forward to helping you navigate through your divorce. We can guarantee it will be the best money you ever spent!

     What Our Program Offers:

1)  Power of Choice, Dealing with Emotions

2)  Preparing for divorce, How to get started, Identifying divorce myths. How Pro-se divorce works, (do it yourself). How mediation works.

3)  Tools for Conflict Resolution.

4)  Florida law, legal options, rights, and choices.

5)  Why opt for a collaborative divorce?

6)  Anger – Forgiveness- Letting go

7)  Family patterns; discover how they impact your choices.

8)  Gaining financial freedom (40 financial mistakes you want to avoid) and finding self- love (the key to happiness).

9)  Light up your spirit and create your Future Vision.

Disclaimer-Any information given at this workshop is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal or therapeutic advice.


Includes e-books, required materials, and class recordings. Please bring a notebook and a pen.

  • To do the process differently and have a successful outcome?
  • To be driven by understanding and respect instead of anger and pain?
  • To cooperate instead of fight?
  • To master the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce?
  • To step into the best version of yourself?

Limited space! Must reserve and prepay.


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Delray Beach, Fl 33446


www.carlavanwalsum.com  561-860-4883  

www.bestchoicedivorce.com 413-329-5496

www.blattlawmediation.com 561 232-9315


Coming soon: Weekend seminar

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