To stay married?

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Something is not comfortable in your marriage but you’re not sure what to do. The problem is not about how to ‘save a marriage’, it’s about how to save yourself. When fear influences your decision to get married too quickly, sooner or later you may discover that it would have been better to wait for the ‘right one’ to come along. How and when do you know it is the right one? It’s a knowing you feel deep in your heart. Remember, there are many soul-mates you can meet during your lifetime. They appear as potential partners, children, parents, friends or colleagues. The more open our heart’s are, the more easily we will be led to the right place. In doubt? STOP! Regroup, decide to resolve any thoughts of fear you have before any step is taken.
And when you if you find yourself at that spot of unhappiness, insecurity and or un-fulfillment, then there are many ways to evolve and grow to get where you want to be.
You may feel you have no choice but to get a divorce, however there may be another way. Imagine you have the ability to recreate and deepen your existing relationship; any misery can be an opportunity for growth! Be ready to say: I am grateful that I was so unhappy. It changed my life for the best

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