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Awaken to Your Happiest Life!

Experiential energy psychology workshops -family constellations- uncovering hidden dynamics and transmitted generational  patterns or traumas which can be affecting us today.

Feminine Soul Expansion

A journey to awaken, transform, create and manifest. Clearing hidden trans-generational patterns that can hinder your success today, in all areas of life.

Happy Parents, Happy Home!

Tools for peaceful conflict resolution, effective Crystal Clear Communication to be heard.  Clear the scars of your childhood to become the happiest parent you dream (and deserve)  to be!

The Art of Loving Relationships

Yes you can stay in the “Honeymoon Stage’ -forever. Learn how to attract and maintain a soulful, compassionate and unconditional loving relationship, where everyone’s needs a re met.

Success Acceleration!

Free yourself on conscious and sub-conscious levels from hidden loyalties, patterns and limiting belief systems. Whatever you desire to be, do or have, learn how to be a powerful creator.

Finding Purpose After Loss 

Eyeopening support for the most difficult moments in life

Conscious Creations

If you plan to mother a child through pregnancy, this is the most powerful preparation available!

Toolkit for the Sensitive Soul

Sensitivity is a great trait that is much needed but can be counterproductive if you don’t know how to protect yourself of negativity from other’s or any difficult situation.

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