When would you choose to take action for a better life? If you identify yourself with some of the below, then you are ready...



  • Acces to living 'on track' and a balanced life
  • Support in making and carrying out difficult life decisions
  • Feelings of acute anxiety, stress, loneliness
  • You know what you do want but seem to sabotage yourself
  • Chronic physical and emotional suffering that has n't been healed by the treatments, talktherapy or lifestyle changes you have tried
  • Struggling family-issues, stuff you carry but does not belong to you


  • How to remove blocks and pull together as a couple
  • How to release hidden generational patterns
  • Resolving fear of intimacy/rejection
  • How to create a great relationship
  • Have a gentler divorce or NO divorce at all...
  • How attract and keep your ideal partner
  • Learn Crystal Clear Communication - NVC, authentic heartbased connection
  • How to foster the flow of love instead of creating conflict

Children, Tweens and Teens

  • Relieve burdens associated with ADHD/ADD and other disorders
  • Feeling empowered in classroom situations
  • Dealing with stress, feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Boosting up Self Esteem

Family Harmony

  • Gentle Divorce
  • Healing Hearts of Adoption;
  • Access the Hidden Truths in the Epigenetics of your family
  • Mother-daughter, father-son patterns


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Session Procedure

I help families and individuals in healing their pasts, hearts and minds by releasing emotional and mental blocks and gaining insight and clarity to create my clients best future and the manifestation of their life's goals and purposes

With compassion and a non-judgmental attitude I will begin your session with an interview/discussion concerning the issue you want to address and the results you are expecting to achieve. Then I will work with you to uncover the deeper movements at work in your life and guide, challenge and support you in reaching your goal. My emphasis is on making changes happen in your real day-to-day world.
Since implementing the solutions in your daily life is where real satisfaction and success occurs, I will probably meet less frequently for a longer time, usually one and a half hours. This allows for deeper more intensive work, while managing the costs of sessions and giving you time to explore and implement changes from the session in your life.
I will also be using certain conversational techniques to help move you through a series of change-techniques. This may involve Systemic Family Constellations, Mapping, Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Crystal Clear Communication (NVC), The Journey, Guided Imagery or other modalities.

One and a half hour Private Session,

in Person, Phone or Skype

$ 127 

Packages with checking in between the sessions:

3 sessions: $ 297 (saves $ 84)

5 sessions: $ 467 (saves $168)

8 sessions: $ 747 (saves $269)




Systemic Family & Organization Constellations

How do Epigenetics influence your life and choices? Our alignment to Morpho-genetic fields reveals many truths and opportunity for healing


According to scientific psychology  human consciousness is the product of personal experience and brain function. The new field of epigenetics shows the limitations of this model. We carry the past in our energy-fields, the Morphogenetic fields. Healing and releasing all that doesnt serve us will create a more free and happy future.

A Family-Ancestral or Personal Constellation can be the turning point you were waiting for and dissolve the problem for ever.

Pay here for:

Your one and a half-two hours Personal Constellation session
in Person/Phone or Skype

Unlock your inner wisdom, unlimited potential, become empowered and be your brightest self!


XXXXPlease Note:

  1. Some conditions may require a medical referral.
  2. The services I render are held out to the public as hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis.
  3. Carla is not a licensed psychologist in the USA