positive thinking

Do you worry?

Do you worry? This morning, the perfect phrase arrived in my mailbox, sent by Abraham: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”. Boom. Excellently phrased. For years I’ve been explaining to my clients why worrying never serves you, and how it helps you to create what you don’t need. It is unintentionally drawing the wrong energy towards you. I also explain that worrying is a conscious behavior that you can choose to change, just by monitoring your thoughts… Worrying can also be a stored family habit that is embedded in the SUB consciousness. In that case, you will need to dive deeper. The biggest part our emotions derive from our subconscious. If in the past your family experienced war, or generations of persecution, then worrying about safety, life and danger became a legitimate way to deal with atrocities. The danger was real! Click on the title Read More


We have been taught, at least most of us, to develop a sharp, critical mind. The sharper, the better. We were validated if we were really good at it. It is this mindset that is detrimental for happy relationships. If we use our criticism, masking our real feelings of disappointment, hurt and unmet needs, we become real fault-finders. Hard to live and to deal with! If we CHOOSE to become a LOVE finder, focusing on the beauty in others, our level of happiness improves and elevates drastically… Practice it..and enjoy the results…