Like you, my clients come from all over the world.

In the last 20+ years I’ve worked with feminine leaders, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, couples and families, college students, engineers, healers, doctors,  artists and CEO’s.

These women (and some men) don’t just want to do more. They want to be more. They want to make a change in the world.






I have learned that only insights are not enough. If you really want to make a change  in your life, relationship(s), family or in the world, one that’s real and lasting; here’s where I come in to help you to make it happen.

What I’ve learned, developed and provide is the missing link for most people.




Here’s the good news: As is proven with neuroscience, neurogenesis and mindfulness, the brain, our conscious mind, has the capacity to regenerate itself at any age. Our heart has the capacity to heal.

In my  programs, you and I work together for either 6 weeks or 3 months.

IN SESSION: We dive deep.

OUT OF SESSION: You’ll have  practices, challenges, pleasures, tasks to explore so you deepen your capacity for profound and long-term change.

GOLD & DIAMOND PACKAGES: You’ll also have unlimited access to me, for guidance, reflection, celebration and accountability. That’s why I only work with a limited number of private clients at a time.

In Person (Boca Raton- Miami) – Zoom – Skype – Phone.


Transformation packages:



Teens-Parents-Family sessions. Different tools. Not punitive but effective strategies. Crystal Clear Communication course included.

Healing relationships. Enhance Communication.

Re-creating respect and connection.

Email contact and check ins between the sessions.

6 sessions of 60 minutes 



Transformation and Success Coaching.

A 6 Week program:  40 Days is the time for lasting transformation.

We dive deep. Because that’s where the gold is. That’s where you are.  I guide you towards healing and transformation. Together we do the work.

Package includes:

  •  6 Weekly Sessions of 90 minutes.
  • customized daily email program arriving in your mailbox in the AM with tools and messages.
  • Email contact and supporting  check-ins between the sessions.
  • + 2 Hour VIP session Crystal Clear Communication practice.




In-depth Intensive Transformation and Success-coaching.

Customized and personalized in any desired area.

Rewire your brain, heal emotional wounds, delete hidden loyalties, change limiting beliefs or clear blocks.

Package includes:

  • 13 Sessions of 90 minutes, 3 months package.
  • A daily email program with tools and messages to enhance the process.
  • Email contact and supporting check ins between the sessions.



Save by purchasing multiple sessions in advance:



coaching packages