Why do you intend to heal others?

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So many people have great intentions to help others to feel better and be more successful. Call it therapy, healing, coaching, intuitive guidance, psychic insights…whatever. What counts is what works.

Of course  I welcome wholeheartedly any positive intention with regard to creating a more joyful, happier, healthier world. I am a strong believer in the Holistic approach. The Mind, Body and  Spirit connection. What is disappointing to me and even shocking to see is the fear that arises when the purpose of ‘helping/healing’ others is clouded by personal interest. If  really the goal is  to help others, then ‘uniting of  forces’  with talent, knowledge and (re)sources is required. That means using the  tools that are provided by the Universal reservoir of healing.

I notice frequently that colleagues are not showing  interest in the work of colleagues: missing  out of opportunities for learning….Or are giving their information to some one else but are not listening when the other shares his or her expertise. Are ‘fellow-healers’  a threat of income?….How terrible is it that fear of surviving takes away those opportunities. Lately I told a chiropractor about a few experiences I had in my Systemic Family Constellation sessions:  several clients in or after a difficult  divorce situation  noticed to their surprise that their back pain was gone or at least had become less intense! The balance in respect between the partners, while only one of the two was present, has been restored, and a shift was obviously noticeable. How awesome!   But the chiropractor  thought that I was trying to take away his patients….                                                                                                                                                                Or the special situation that a colleague wants you on their newsletter list but un-subscribes on yours…?

Or the lack of interest by colleague therapists for the unusual therapy work like Family Constellations, as developed by Dr. Bert Hellinger, who  sold more books than any American family therapist. This work is extremely well-known and widely practiced in Europe, Israel, the far East and of course  in New York, Boston, California….

One of my cherished desires is about collecting our talents, gifts, knowledge and expertise in order to really help and heal, based on a freedom related attitude, where ego and fear are absent…  Where pure intentions, loyalty, support and love for the beauty of  life are the driving forces…


Carla Van Walsum Ph.D c L.S.H.C is owner of Transpersonal-Counseling LLC, a Holistic Practice for Couples, Families and Children, Co-author of Thank God I…vol 3

Chapter leader of Holistic Moms

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