Pairing clinical psychology and transformational coaching to help you thrive through self-discovery and build loving & lasting relationships!

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Does this sound familiar:

  • You find yourself repeating the same negative relationship patterns or haven't found "the one"
  • You are dealing with unexplained feelings of depression, anger, or anxiety
  • You self-sabotage and sense you're blocking your success
  • You are frustrated with parenting and/or family relationships
  • You are impacted by childhood and/or trans-generational trauma
  • You're off track, hindered by limiting beliefs and not aligned with your life-purpose

My sessions and courses will give you the tools so you can:

  • Build loving and lasting relationships where everyone's needs are being met
  • Establish healthy boundaries and learn to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Feel happier, and freed from fears, anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Free yourself from the effects of past experiences and cultural conditioning
  • Release or heal trauma and make in-depth changes at a core and soul-level
  • Reframe your mindset and become the powerful creator you were born to be
  • Become wildly courageous and enjoy a deeper loving and compassionate connection to yourself

About Carla

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Carla's difficult childhood experiences made her aware that the world needed to become a happier, kinder place.

That became her life-mantra.

Today, in her holistic practice with over 20 years of experience in clinical psychology, neuroscience and transformational coaching Carla is thrilled about all the results she has seen with her clients. They integrated trauma, built loving and fulfilling relationships, harmonious family lives and are living their life purpose.

So can you!

When you heal your heart,
you heal your life.

When you release deepseated
trapped emotions
heal or integrate trauma,
you free your mind
and your body relaxes.

When you change your mindset,
you change your future.

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