Approach and Philosophy


For over 20 years, Carla has been internationally recognized in the areas of relationships, inherited family traumas, parenting and emotional healing. Carla Van Walsum was trained in the Netherlands in Clinical Psychology, Holistic Therapies, and Energy Psychology, and owns HeartBased Solutions, a holistic practice for individuals, parents, and families. She holds several Dutch degrees in music and psychology, and an American PhD in counseling.

Carla has helped many clients create quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches.

Her extensive study of proven healing modalities from Europe, America, and Eastern countries provide the foundation for her work.

A master in helping relationships heal – romantic and family relationships-,  in clearing limiting beliefs, in teaching non-violent communication, NLP and trauma-work, Carla teaches others how to develop the relationships and life they desire. Her programs are focused on creating a fulfilling, prosperous, creative and successful life and career.

Prior to dedicating herself to her true life’s passion and purpose of helping transform lives through her work, she was fortunate to have a successful career as a professional flutist. She enjoyed intensive concert life performing throughout Europe and Israel, participating in numerous radio and TV productions.

Carla speaks six languages and in addition to her personal counseling work she is a popular speaker and workshop presenter throughout Florida, USA and Europe.

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The collective consciousness of an abused group of people- like slavery- can affect  future generations regarding success and happiness. Working hard is not sufficient to be successful. Blocks need to be cleared.