Love is meant to heal. It is a powerful energy we all have access to.

But all too often, we walk around with broken hearts, closed hearts, heart-walls, unhealed hurt and trauma. We may not even know HOW we can connect to love. If we are in love, it's heavenly, but we may become scared to lose it one day. And if we have love and feel loved, then we often sabotage it, or don't appreciate it in the way love is offered. We can be our own worst enemies. This is all to commonly true in love relationships, but it doesn't have to be!  

One of the key questions is “How could so much love go so wrong?”

So, may I ask: Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

You feel that your once great, passionate, loving relationship has waned, and you are afraid it’s lost-forever
You repeat the same situations over and over again, fighting about “nothing” but feeling unable to change the pattern
You yearn to be heard, understood and communicate together that deepens the connection instead of alienates
Negativity entering your relationship and you have no clue how to change that and why that actually happens
You are concerned you are failing, (maybe just like your parents?), or have you given up believing that true happiness is yours to keep


The path to deepening love, passion and acceptance in your relationship

IS available to you. 

Grab it.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Imagine that you can

transform negative patterns into compassionate connections
be heard and understood – easily and effortlessly!

That is definitely possible. The good news is, taking steps for your happiness, can do miracles. Non-violent Communication; the method I teach is so effective to get your needs -and your partners needs!- met.

You’ll understand much more about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Another problem area I see often with couples is the subconscious part: what do you carry that hinders the flow of love? What is your genetic emotional blueprint, are  hidden loyalties impacting your relationship? Often it shows definitely a connection. So, we see that we are actually less free than we thought we are. Constellation work, (no, not about stars!!!) can be so helpful indentifying and release the problem.  

Claim your birthright for happiness! Relationships can change, heal, love and passion can ignite and you can:

❥  Remove blocks, release negative patterns and pull together as a couple

  Overcome fear of intimacy or rejection, and surrender to love and passion

  Heal your baggage trap and your past that keeps you (and your partner) from being happy today

❥  Develop a respectful and compassionate relationship with entirely new tools

❥  Learn Nonviolent-Communication: the language of authentic connection and getting your needs met

Hi, I am Carla, and I’m so glad you are here! Because, I have helped many couples to get closer, ignite their passion and heal their past, to really create the relationship they were wishing for.

Often a few tweaks are all what’s needed to make an incredible difference. 

I’ve found that a successful relationship lies in a few key areas:

              Accepting the other person for who they are
              Choosing to be happy instead of being right
               Healing your heart, if you’ve gone through difficulties and hurt. 
               Recognizing the impact of our families. Much more than we realize, until the science of epigenetics started to shine an                               interesting light about our inherited emotional DNA and patterns.
              If you truly want to be happy… I’m sure you know the answer already: YOU’ve gotten to be happy first before you
really share it. And we all know being happy in and of itself can be difficult.

I help struggling couples find harmony using a variety of modalities—including clinical psychology, holistic practices, and energy healing.

In the past, relationships were not always the happiest. Times were tough. Arranged marriages, forced marriages, even marriages based on love and free choice could be hard to keep in the flow of love.

Today, there is a LOT available that can help you heal. And I’d love to assist you!

What Other Clients Say

“I had a session with Carla. Carla was very friendly and easy to talk to. She gave me lots of tips and insights about my marriage. She explained to me the best ways of communicating to my partner and to my children. I have been putting them in practice and I can already see a big difference. She also gave me some tips for my future.  The session was awesome! Thank you very much Carla”
Lots of love,  Michelle  P., Australia  

“Carla has helped me go through some real deep core issues concerning my family line in a way I have never experienced before. Her work has have given me deep understanding in my close family relationships and also a profound affect on my close relationships. Her work has got me thinking in a whole new way and I also got tools to do some serious forgiveness work that was much needed.”   Martina, Sweden

“Carla’s counseling sessions are profound and cutting through the chaff, getting to the heart of the matter. She helped us to focus on our love rather than our past relationship baggage, and now, years later, we are still happily together!”  Mady P. Boynton Beach

You can book a one 90-min session or our Relationship Package with three 90-min sessions

                                   In your first session for 90 minutes we will explore the situation, we’ll dive deep in your relationship,                                                      and create a plan on what we can do to make the changes you desire.  

Relationship Healing Package

Three (3) 90-min sessions + evaluation  $450
($75 in savings)

One Session

                                         One 90-min session                                          + evaluation $175

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