Embrace Self-Love & Self-Compassion – Mini Course

Self-Healing. Heart-Opening. Elevating Your Mindset.

Enhance your capacity for self-love and self-compassion in order to be and feel happier.

Experience and learn tools to engage your brain and heart for wellness. 

Bring warmth and balance to Your Core Essence.

• Are you a lover and a giver?

• Do you give without regret or restraint and rarely expect anything in return?

• Do you have an inner critical voice, or do you unknowingly sabotage yourself?

• Do you walk around, like so many others, with deep-rooted feelings of not feeling worthy, or good enough?

If so, it will influence all of your actions, your successes, your love life, and even your parenthood.

Let me ask you this; if you look in the mirror each day, do you smile at yourself?

Do you feel happy and confident with what you see? Or do you criticize yourself? Do you feel sad, tired, or disappointed?

So, do you want to just sit in place and wait for the approval of others? 

If not, You CAN do something about IT! 

The concept of self is quite complicated. The way we think, feel, and treat ourselves, consciously and sub-consciously, impacts our wellbeing. 

Even if you were lucky enough to have a love-filled childhood, your inherited legacy may still hinder you today, unbeknownst to you. In these cases, chances are that you might not be aware of where the feelings of discord come from.

 Your family and ancestors might have gone through many calamities, and that became part of your emotional blueprint.

Yes, trauma is inherited and that is scientifically proven!

Neuroscience can show us ways of developing love and compassion for ourselves and others. Our nervous systems are capable of helping us when we are distraught (depressed, anxious) by using the power of empathy in an effective healing method that literally rewires our brain.

The latest developments in neuroscience show how humans are wired with regard to belonging and connecting with other humans. It also makes clear how important it is to truly feel good about who you really are.

If we feel whole and are balanced, in many ways it will be easier for us to be loving and compassionate to others.

We will have so much more to offer to the world!

You can’t give what you don’t have. (Especially to those who trigger us.)

As the Dalai Lama said: “If compassion doesn’t include yourself, it’s incomplete.”

Also, did you know that coming from a place of love and compassion will make you a better person? 

If one or more of the following sounds familiar: 

  • You have had a critical and judgmental upbringing,
  • You have been bullied at school, or by siblings,
  • You have felt abandoned,
  • Your mom or dad wasn’t happy with their pregnancy,
  • You lost a parent at a young age,
  • You suffered other losses,
  • You have been heartbroken or felt betrayed,
  • You have been adopted or in foster care.
  • You suffer from low self esteem
These issues and many more, can violate and diminish your self-love if they are not resolved.

Now is the time to restore your capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well-being.

This mini-course offers: 

  • Tools to engage your brain and heart’s capacity for wellbeing. 
  • Heart-opening guided meditations. 
  • Harmony and balance to your core essence.
  • Self-healing by learning new tools to actively loving yourself like you never have before!

Remember, your best investment will always be in yourself, no one else will do for you how much you will do for yourself.

Take care of your spirit for a good balance and rejuvenation in your life!


About the facilitator:

Carla Van Walsum Ph.D. was trained in the Netherlands and in the USA in Clinical Psychology, Holistic Therapies, and Family Constellations. She is the founder of Heartbased Solutions LLC, a holistic practice for individuals, couples, and families. 

For over 25 years, Carla has been internationally recognized in the areas of relationships, parenting, inherited trauma, empowerment, and emotional healing.

Carla has helped many clients create quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches.