Energy Psychology – Systemic Family Constellations Workshop

2022 – A New beginning!

A LIVE workshop with Energy Psychology, Systemic Constellations, The Emotion Code, Guided Meditation, and more.

Unconsciously, we can relive our parents’ or grandparents’ failed relationships, hardships, or have inherited residue from other traumatic experiences that have taken place in our family. Unexplained depression, anxiety, fears, anger, financial troubles, can be signs of this unconscious inheritance. We might feel that something is holding us back and we don’t know why.

If you have read many self-help books, said endless affirmations,  visualized and meditated about:

  • The perfect loving relationship
  • The greatest fulfilling job
  • Money easily flows abundantly into your life
  • Being healthy and feeling happy

and still, it hasn’t happened?

You might unconsciously hold on to:

  • Limiting beliefs that cause negative programming
  • Inherited emotions in your DNA from generations ago
  • Carrying the residue of unhealed trauma (trans-generational trauma)

You must know that your conscious mind can not override what is stored in your subconscious and memory system. Approximately 90% of your behavior emanates from your subconscious. Your success in any area of life can be limited by those invisible blockages.

You’ll experience guided meditations; key processes in clearing our minefields, in connecting to our core, and transforming painful patterns that inhibit the deep connections we long for.

It’s time to clear them! And it’s easy. Allow yourself to live your happiest life!

Join us for this workshop to learn practices, visualizations, healing sentences, and other tools based on neuroscience that can help you disentangle from the cycle of generational burdens.

Morning 10-1 pm includes organic lunch (lunch break  1 -2 pm) $ 60

Afternoon 2-5 pm includes organic lunch  (lunch served 1 pm) $ 60

Full-day attendance $85

Setting up your own constellation (being a working client)  $125 

Our deepest wish is that we and our loved ones thrive and that our families be filled with love and joy. When instead we experience failure, depression and conflict, we want to know why. Dysfunctional family? Bad genes? Mental issues?

German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger has a different answer. His Family Constellations begin with the idea that instead of originating in an individual‘s biographical history from birth to the present, dysfunction and suffering often relate to painful events in the family‘s past. One of the most profound therapies in Europe today, Family Constellation work is today available in the U.S. (But look for a well-trained facilitator).

The constellation workshop is designed to be an educational experience and not a substitute for professional medical consultations. Therefore you should understand that the workshop may bring up issues of a personal nature that may invoke physical and/or emotional responses. Do not bring an issue to a workshop if you suffer from any medical condition that might make it inadvisable.LIVE


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Full Day Ticket $85.00
Morning Ticket + Lunch $60.00
Afternoon Ticket + Lunch $60.00
Working Client Constellation Ticket $125.00