Deep seated emotional wounds, trans-generational trauma, destructive family relationships and patterns, lack of success and prosperity, can ruin so much in your life.

This is where I can help! 

In the Netherlands I grew up together with my severely autistic sister who was one year older than I. She never spoke a word and was deeply unhappy. In addition, the shadow of World-War II and the Holocaust impacted my family deeply, and made me as a child aware of how the world needed to become a happier, kinder place.

That became my life-mantra.

At first I became a classical flutist. Music elevates the heart. But only temporary. So, I left my successful career for the study of clinical psychology.   

Emotional healing, joy and happiness in ones life, happy relationships and family-life, healing of trauma and PTSD, became my territory of interest. I became increasingly uncomfortable with the scientific focus on labels-only. Humans are just more than a bunch of labels. 

So I was drawn to the concept of the bigger picture. While psychology literally means “knowledge of the soul”, today that concept soul is left out of the equation, even worse, the use of the word “soul” is often a turn-off. 
Soul symbolizes to me the invisible, unmeasurable human spirit, psyche, being, however you want to call it.

Today, neuroscience explains much what is going on in the brain. The discovery of the 7 Emotional Circuits are a tremendous help in understanding trauma, and give opportunities in conjunction with alternative therapies for healing. 

Deep seated emotional wounds, personal and inherited trauma, destructive family relationships and patterns can really impact a persons life so stronglythat behavioral or narrative therapy is not enough. 

Neuroscience has contributed tremendously to understand the human functioning. So much research shows why emotional patterns and trauma rule our lives. Behavior is derived from several parts of the brain, where our emotions are located, AND our traumas are stored. In a different way of saying behavior is also related to our sub-consciousness. So, if we have experienced a lot of negativity, that will impact how we feel today, how successful we are and what we choose to do with our lives. The good news is, humans have an innate capacity to heal. However, some work will need to be done. 

You can heal your heart. You can reprogram your mind. A shift in thinking, a release of negativity, you can create a new mindset and worldview.

Punishing or rewarding behavior, and turning a person into a Skinner-box project, did and does not work for me. It is the keystone of behavior therapy. I wanted authenticity, not behavior dependent on-fear-of. I choose to look at the bigger picture of my clients. It became a very important working field for me, it is dear to my heart. 

It is so important to feel whole, to know, sense and shine your own magnificence. That alone will bring the best out of you. 

The unique blend of psychology with several proven holistic modalities became my trademark for healing, success and joy. 

If you feel that changes are needed, never stop believing that that is possible. It always is! 

Wether it is changing the way you look at things, or changing internally. You deserve a joyful, fulfilling life! 

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