Compassionate, non-judgmental, laser-like-efficient guidance to help you resolve core issues that block you from living your happiest life.

You might find your self

caught in self-sabotage, repeating the same wrong relationships, or jobs, over and over again,

Or… you are dealing with unexplained feelings of depression, anger, anxiety or PTSD.

Maybe you suffered childhood trauma and can’t move beyond it…

You do live your life-purpose, you finally started the business of your dreams, but you struggle to survive…

  • ❥ Maybe you already feel successful in many areas of your life. You are smart and open-minded.
  • ❥ But, you are feeling stuck and all the external success isn’t make you any happier!
  • ❥ You know that it’s time to make a real change in your life.
  • ❥ YOU are ready to create a purposeful life of love, passion, abundance, success and well-being.
  • ❥ So, you really can have it all. You CAN have the quality relationships or happy family you so deeply desire.
  • ❥ Yes, you CAN wake up every morning feeling light, and not bogged down by your old fears, anger, or depression.
  • ❥ And what if you indeed COULD be free from hidden blocks, release trauma and change anything at a core level?
  • ❥ What if you then become wildly courageous, enjoy a deeper loving and compassionate connection to yourself and the world…  

Here’s how we can work together. You can choose one or several sessions to work out whatever you want to focus on.
I’m here for you!

I also design customized packages that are specifically geared towards your individual needs. In working together intensively you will be amazed at how quickly you can remove the obstacles and blockages that have been holding you back, (some of which you may not even be consciously aware of).

In those programs, you and I work together to make the changes that you desire.

PACKAGES: You’ll have  access to me, for guidance, reflection, celebration and accountability. That’s why I only work with a limited number of private clients at a time.

IN SESSION: We dive deep.

OUT OF SESSION: You’ll have practices, challenges, pleasures, tasks to explore so you deepen your capacity for profound and long-term change.

 (In Person – Boca Raton & Miami)  Online – ZOOM 

If you’d like to book only ONE session, you can choose:

Personal Transformation Packages


This lockdown pandemic has affected all of us, in many ways. Here is an offer of support to get your life together and move forward!

So, if you would like to get answers and guidance in any of these areas:

  • Overcoming depression and anxiety
  • Doubt about your next steps 
  • Relationship support   
  • Or any other area you’d like to work on

Then sign up for this special package!



A 6 Week program for key changes in your life.

40 Days of an every day practice – is the time needed for lasting change and transformation.

We’ll dive deep. You’ll discover what is holding you back from thriving, what you inherited and need to override by a success-DNA. Through psychological practices, energy psychology, and other holistic modalities, you will heal in areas you wouldn’t know you were wounded.

You are also going to learn a communication process that will help you with all your relationships, with conflict resolution and with authentic, compassionately connecting.

I use gentle processes of healing and transformation for the desired key areas of your life. At the end, you’ll have the tools you need to move forward and create the life we mapped out together to CREATE LASTING CHANGE. 

Get UnStuck program by Carla Van Walsum, PhD

         Package includes:

  • Mindfulness,  and Effective  Communication tools and practice.A customized to your needs guidance email in your inbox every weekday morning full of energy psychology tools, mindset reframing, breath-work, guided imageries, meditation, worksheets, exercises, and inspiration to keep you moving forward,
  • Six – 90 minute one-on-one sessions to help you identify core issues, heal, empower for 6 weeks. (Of course you can spread it out a little longer as life gets in the way.)

  • Email support and check-ins between sessions for spur-of-the-moment questions and ongoing support of your process.
  • 2 hourly VIP session Essential Communication Practice.

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