Leila tells us how Carla helped with her family

Ali tells us how Carla helped her with her two teenage daughters

Her professional background, insight, expertise and heart based efforts have significantly changed my family forever.

I wholeheartedly recommend Carla Van Walsum for her professional background, insight and expertise, particularly her work with families created through adoption and foster care…aka  “Forever Families”. Her dedicated work is clearly profound and pure genius as it is instrumental in uncovering the layers of unconscious biological familial ties …. possibly  from at least 6 generations past.

Carla’s  wisdom has been  instrumental to me and my family in the process of the deeper understanding in accepting one another’s personal growth non-judgmentally with far more ease, comfort and unconditional love.

I have had the fortune to know and work with Carla for over eight years and my only regret is that I didn’t meet her so much sooner.           I am truly grateful for all that she has done and continues to do as her heart based efforts have significantly changed our lives forever.

~Brenda C. Florida

Read here about an Adoption Constellation

 Her work is a true blessing!
For those of you looking for a new way to approach family issues that may span generations…Carla is a fantastic,
compassionate practitioner and expert in Systemic Family Constellations, a powerful therapeutic method. She is also an expert in compassionate communication and parenting techniques. I have personally witnessed the results of her work many times among client referrals and workshop participants. Most recently, we co-designed and co-facilitated a fertility workshop focused on removing body and mind-based blocks. Her work is a true blessing!
~ Lia Schultz, College Counselor, UniversitySuccess.us
We were blown away! 
I have known Carla, and I’ve been participating in her constellation workshops for about 10 years. The transformation I have seen in others has been amazing. Recently  I asked Carla if we could do a constellation for my son -online-, even though he was several states away.  His dad was skeptical but agreed to join me. We were blown away what the constellation revealed. It gave us a better insight into our sons behavior and our own. Within days we noticed a change in our son!!! We don’t know how it worked, we are just soi thankful that it did.

 ~Sandra T. Brookline, MA


Carla is an amazing therapist, she’s compassionate, warm and filled with love.

In family constellation work, Carla has the unique ability to guide in a very powerful way. Her experience and skills are profound and I’ve found constellation to be magical. I’ve grown so much from attending her workshops. I can’t say enough about this beautiful soul!

Cinthia Smith, Boynton Beach, FL.

Carla’s work has a profound affect on my close relationships I have never experienced before. 

Carla has helped me go through some real deep core issues concerning my family line in a way I have never experienced before. Her work has have given me deep understanding in my close family relationships and also a profound affect on my close relationships. Her work has got me thinking in a whole new way and I also got tools to do some serious forgiveness work that was much needed.”

~ Martina from Sweden


I am so grateful for the remarkable healing I received!

I am so grateful for Carla’s ability to help me see the blocks that were keeping my in a state of depression and anxiousness during a Skype session. She opened my eyes to  how the trauma in my childhood has affected my current life and my current relationships. The constellation processing for my mother’s side provided an avenue of healing from a disconnected relationship with my mother and helped me to release the emotional burdens I have been carrying for along time. I am truly grateful for this session and the remarkable healing I received and will continue to receive.
~ J.A.  Michigan

That one breakthrough session was a great help!

I had a Skype session with Carla and she took me through an exercise to determine where my blocks exist that hinder my ability to develop relationship.  She has a very gentle and calming demeanor which really put me at ease.  The process showed me I have some ancestral blocks that need to be cleared.  I was impressed with the process and I can even use it again on my own.  We ended the session with a powerful meditation to start the process of clearing that blocks and I felt lighter and energized after.  I felt that the session was a great help to me and I look forward to using this valuable information to release my relationship blocks.

~ Carla N., New York

I would like to share some amazing things that I am living as I continue to work with Carla Van Walsum.

I was going through two major challenges. I shall share my experience about one of them, was dealing my brother’s alcohol addiction. Carla guided me to do a Family Constellation for my brother. She was able to figure out the root cause of my brother’s Addiction. She then guided me to clear the imprints and the ancestral blockage from my brother.

Following that session the most amazing thing started to happen. While we were doing the family constellation, I saw my brothers call coming. I could not pick it up. He hardly calls me so I called him back later but he said he never called me and was surprised. It turned out that I needed his permission to work on him and his phone dialed my number. I dared to tell him that- he doesn’t believe in energy work- and that day he willingly gave me permission to seek help to get out of the addiction.

I was trying to get him to rehab and was told the wait time for a bed was two months or more. The next day after the clearing session things started to happen quickly for him. He had a routine medical appointment. Surprisingly he got admitted to the addiction dept. of the hospital. Everyone was amazed that they got a bed for him Since there was a long waitlist. He is still a long way from being 100% sober but he is definitely on the right track.

Knowing my situation, especially with my other challenge, Carla has been more than generous with me on many fronts and many occasions. Carla works with her heart and her passion to help other souls is beyond measure. Carla is a very caring and compassionate healer. She takes the time that is required to do the sessions. She has a few very effective remedies that she shares.

Carla is very (very) knowledgeable in the modalities which she teaches with confidence and certainty. I also like the fact that she is very honest and upfront and she guides us to do the work ourselves in order for it to be authentic and natural.

I am very grateful to Carla for all the help and support she has selflessly offered me to clear my own mind of fear, worry and doubt. I confidently recommend anyone who needs support and to get out of stuck-ness to seek Carla Van Walsum assistance. You will NOT regret it… trust me. I saw miracles happening and there are no coincidences.                                                       

Thank you Carla for all that you have done and continue to do for me. So glad our paths have cross on my life journey. 

Thank you again! 

~ C.L. Toronto, Canada

After ONE session I already see a big difference in communicating to my partner and children.

I was lucky enough to get a session with Carla. Carla was very friendly and easy to talk to. She gave me lots of tips and Insights about my marriage. She explained to me the best ways of communicating to my partner and to my children. I have been putting them in practice and I can already see a big difference. She also gave me some tips for my future.  The session was awesome! Thank you very much Carla can’t wait for the next call!
Lots of love,
Michelle  P., Australia

That was so amazing!

I was very confused about a current relationship and I got so much clarity in the session with Carla, simply by stepping on the footprints -pieces of paper- while experiencing and feeling  the feelings of my partner. It was like: “BOOM”. All the confusion, all the questions, went away.
That was so amazing!
It is one thing to intellectualize the answers, and it is quite different when you experience it in this way.
You get answers in the session and there is no confusion.

~Eram Saeed, Pakistan/USA


I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!

I have experienced many healing modalities in my journey to wellness. I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!  It feels like this modality reaches the core energy of the issue at hand and provides the opportunity for healing on a cellular level. It’s very fascinating to me that we are able to influence the effects on ourselves and our children from the experiences of ancestors we never met.  This work gives us the platform to consciously focus on energy clearing and release to free ourselves and our ancestors from energetic entanglements. 

Carla’s constellation work is brilliant!  I am grateful for the blessing of the healing it has provided for me and my line as well as others, the world is better for it!

~ Amy D. West Palm Beach

“When I prep my “Thankful For” list,  having you, your profound wisdom, clarity and insight in our world always tops my list. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do to make our lives far better!”
~ B.C. Boca Raton

“Carla is amazing and the things that arise out of her constellations are changing people’s lives. If you have not been to one of her events you should go and be amazed.”

~ Mary Beth Lepage, Delray Beach, FL.

“Carla is very insightful and talented, her methods really work!                                        The transformation I have seen in others has been amazing.”

~Sandra T, Brooklyn, M 

I had an incredible breakthrough

I had an incredible breakthrough in Carla’s workshop “Family Constellations”. I realized how powerful this work is. In the workshop, I had a sense for my place in humanity, my heritage, upbringing, and many patterns associated with these. It was a breakthrough for me. I was able to see everything and break free from what was holding me. I’m incredibly, incredibly grateful to Carla for doing this work and providing it to the community. I very much appreciate her gift.           

~ Su. A. Miami, Psy.D.

After another workshop: “Oh Carla, I feel like I’m a different person. I feel whole & complete. It’s hard to describe.  I woke up and the peace that I feel is with me always. I feel new. I’m feeling it fully…”

Within that first session, I was already making complete and profound life changing realizations about past thinking patterns and choices that ultimately effect my everyday.

I’ve been to 2 other local licensed counselors over the past year with extremely surface level results. To truly get to the root of the issues, I decided to research online for accredited counselors that not only dealt with the psychological aspect of healing, but the spiritual aspect as well. After interviewing her over the phone and asking several key questions, I felt confident in attending one of her sessions.

Carla approaches counsel by taking a holistic view based on values, influences, goals, and relationships and has been amazing at uncovering deep seated obstructions that block potential healing. She provides activities during both the sessions and for homework that help open doors for positive navigation of life’s challenges no matter the situation or spiritual belief. She truly cares, is compassionate, friendly, trust worthy and takes an extremely neutral position throughout the entire process.”

~ David Martin, Executive Creative Director, Orlando

Her amiable and loving demeanor, her wisdom on how to apply her knowledge, her honest professionalism and her sincere and caring guidance

After some years experiencing different styles of constellations, it gives me a great pleasure to certify that Carla Van Walsum PH.D; Systemic Constellation Facilitator has been an asset to me since the first day I did a constellation with her. Her amiable and loving demeanor, her wisdom on how to apply her knowledge, her honest professionalism and her sincere and caring guidance resulted in a positive realization that left an indelible impression upon me.
I am fortunate that I found Carla. I will continue my personal growth through her unique healing methods. I would be very happy to give anyone my highest recommendation who desires to work with Carla on his/her personal development.


~ Victoria Seaman

This is someone doing healing work who is totally heart-centered. Her work reflects both her ability to go very deep with people and her incredible compassion.

“I was first introduced to Carla when a friend told me I should go to one of her Family Constellations workshops.  The first workshop I attended moved me very much.  The group of people involved were strangers at the beginning and by the end we had laughed and cried (and everything in between!) together.  The workshop was amazing and clearly healing for all who were present.  Since then I have attended many of Carla’s workshops.  I find her work very enlightening, non-biased and incredibly helpful.  With the constellations, you see the dynamics at play in a situation very very clearly.  Its hard to describe this work, you really just have to go to a workshop to see for yourself!

Carla herself is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, positive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  To me she is a teacher, a colleague, and a friend.  She is always an uplifting and inspiring presence.  Her work reflects both her ability to go very deep with people and her incredible compassion.  This is someone doing healing work who is totally heart-centered.  Carla is very willing to speak the truth but always seems to do so with love and kindness.

The best word I can think of to describe Carla’s work is “empowering”.  Her work helps you to see your life and your circumstances clearly and then gives you the tools to change for the better.  For anyone looking for emotional support, help moving through difficult transitions in life, clarity on your circumstances, the power to CHANGE, and so much more, in Carla you will find a great cheerleader.  This is someone who can help you to transforming your life and make it what you desire and truly deserve.”

~ Katie Fly, 5 Elements Acupuncturist, Florida

 Amazingly insightful and healing

“I truly enjoyed the online group classes  with Carla! The exercises that she did with us were amazingly insightful and healing. Listening to her speak with others was most helpful and eye opening. If you have the opportunity to work with Carla Van Walsum, please do, because I believe that you will be extremely happy about it.”

~ Soleil Soleil

I highly recommend her!

Carla has personally advised me on how to better my relationship in order to understand each other’s needs and differences. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for family or relationship coaching. She is a true professional.

~M.A. Miami Beach

Carla is an awesome intuitive counselor.

Her systemic constellation session in February did more to heal my relationship with my mom that any of the 10+ years of talk therapy ever did. I highly recommend her!”

~A. H., LMT, Boca Raton, Fl.

I feel so different and FREE! 

So many times I have witnessed and done myself your amazing constellation work! Can it shift so fast? It is two hours after my session and I feel so different and FREE! UNBELIEVABLE!”

~ B.A.C., Boca Raton

I am very grateful for Carla’s help. Her knowledge and experience has helped me to solve my own problems after visiting a lot of different psychologists and without any result.

“The Subconscious Me” Having that feeling that you are obligated to perform all the time, but you do not know where that feeling is coming from? For years I suffered from negative thoughts and feelings. I was also criticizing myself all the time. For example; I did not work hard enough or I did not study enough. I tried to make other people happy instead of myself.

During the first healing session with Carla, she guided me while I was searching for the cause of my negative thoughts and feelings. And since I am from the Netherlands, she has supported me by using Skype and other live video tools. We both knew that my urge for perform was very high and definitely related to my negative thoughts and feelings in some way.

Carla told me to take three empty papers and a pen. On every piece of paper I had to write another text and placing an arrow for pointing the direction.

  1. My own name
  2. Burdened by
  3. Murdered family members of the Holocaust

Thereafter I had to create a field in an open space and lay the sheets of paper randomly according to my feelings. I did not understand why I had to do this, but Carla explained to me that I would understand it after the session. I followed her instructions step by step. Each time she ordered me to step on another piece of paper, whereby I would represent different parts.

During the session I became conscious of my own spirit and the other spirits around me. I closed my eyes and used my imagination to get aware of my feelings. The same trick which I used in different real time situations to focus on my own spirit. I realized that while I was standing on my own paper – a feeling of distance was coming up. I recognized the distance and knew right away what kind of distance it was. The more I tried to focus on that feeling, the more my body wanted to move. I got out of balance very easily and while my feet were standing on the ground, my upper body was spinning in little circles. Then I switched to represent the murdered family members of the holocaust.  I felt a lot of anger, fear and suddenly my whole body was heating up like I had the fever. It was the same feeling I felt in the past during different periods of depression, but this time it was stronger. Carla told me to say some specific sentences aloud, which would create peace between my own spirit and the other ones around me.

After the session I realized that my urge to perform and the related pain was coming from the past. I wanted to grab all the chances in life – to make the best out of my life, because I was blessed to live my own life in freedom. And the other spirits around me did not get the same chances as I did, because of the Holocaust. Thus, as a Holocaust descendant I felt obligated to compensate their losses. For the first time I understood where my pain was coming from. Meanwhile, I can say that I never felt this urge to perform again. I was more relaxed than ever in my life and almost all of my negative thoughts and feelings were gone. I learned that the pain which I felt, did not belong to me. This insight gave me the opportunity to accept my situation and my own feelings.

I am very grateful for Carla’s help. Her knowledge and experience has helped me to solve my own problems after visiting a lot of different psychologists and without any result. During the session she was very clear and calm. She guided me through this session with all the tools needed at that moment. Personally, I believe that it is impressive how much we achieved during one session. An experience which I would like to give to everyone.

~ M.T.D.H. (age 23 ) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Seeking guidance through a method that involves pure love, spirituality, and compassion has helped me with being easier on myself and has taught me how to love myself unconditionally.

I see the world through a very different perspective. Carla has enlightened me with her kind, wise, and supportive way. I know she was put in my path for a reason. Her work is truly profound therapy for the heart and soul.

Thank you Carla,

~ A.Rosa MA.  Psychotherapist, New York

I am truly grateful that I was able to find someone very knowledgeable

I want to thank you for your help with individual family constellation to remove unhealthy family patterns that were blocking me.  I was truly amazed by the things we discovered and heal in our sessions that matched the blockages that I was able to identify through kinesiology.  I am truly grateful that I was able to find someone very knowledgeable on doing individual family constellations as I am a very private person. 

~ J. A. Miami

I was ecstatic to have an instantaneous healing during just 1 session!

As a retired Dr., I was ecstatic to have an instantaneous healing during just 1 session. Traditional talk therapy has never healed my deep wounds as an adoptee… and the effects of the Holocaust.

Carla is a genius as a metaphysical psychotherapist… I can honestly say that her work is very effective and really works. Thank you Carla!”

~ I. S. Florida

Her therapy helped me to realize the true root of my issue

I first met Carla to work through a traumatic experience from over a decade ago that was still affecting my life. Her therapy helped me to realize the true root of my issue and that the traumatic experience, although horrible, was really just a decoy to uncovering the deeper issue. She has truly helped me to heal a wound that I couldn’t heal before! 

~ A.N. PhD, Boca Raton

Carla has a kind and compassionate manner of assisting individuals and families through the healing process

In the short months that I have been introduced to Carla and this work, it has been amazing… she has a kind and compassionate manner of assisting individuals and families through the healing process. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn about the constellation work given that it is such a swift way to bring the family to harmony, clarity and balance.”

In Love, Light, Healing and Abundance,

~ Jasmine D. MA  Boynton Beach

In all the years my daughter saw the other two therapists Carla has had more breakthroughs with Sara in only 5 sessions than anyone else we have ever experienced.

I have known Carla Van Walsum for a few years. Last year she had a positive self esteem art class that she taught and I had my 15 year old daughter and my 14 year old niece attend. They both LOVED it and found that what Carla taught was very effective and helped them both so much in so many ways… even transcending self esteem issues, which was a bonus.

Now, my daughter and I see Carla for therapy as well. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and a tactile processing sensory issue and later possibility of Autism when she was eight. When she was born she had to be resuscitated and she may have suffered brain damage, which is why her brain processes things differently than most. I have never had her on medications, instead I focus on alternative therapies. My daughter has been in therapy since she was eight years old. She has only ever had two therapists since that time. Now, we are only seeing Carla.

In all the time she saw the other two therapists Carla has had more breakthroughs with Sara in only 5 sessions than anyone else we have ever experienced. It is so amazing to see my daughter smiling, laughing and happy all the time. She is getting along with her peers at school. She has a boyfriend and they have a very healthy relationship. Carla is also making breakthroughs in the way that Sara and I handle our relationship as well and we are learning to communicate to each other more effectively. Carla recently did a constellation on my 15 year old niece and she has been having some breakthroughs as well and my daughter and I both witnessed the constellation and found it so amazing and therapeutic to experience. It was a very healing experience. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend that if you are experiencing any issues in your life that are hard to handle, it is my experience to tell you that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Carla can help you solve them and live in peace. It is nice living in peace. Carla is a gift to this world.”


~ Dori Mirkow, Pompano Beach

Several months after my beloved husband passed away, I went to a bereavement session led by Carla Van Walsum, PhD. 

It was reassuring and moving watching Carla meet the needs of all the people in the group, despite the vastly different situations of the people in attendance. 

Subsequently, I elected to see Carla privately.  I truly look forward to sharing my background, situations, thoughts and feelings with Carla because she has the ability to bring in a wealth of traditional expertise in psychological counseling blended with her deep knowledge of and experience with spirituality.   The marriage of Carla’s traditional approach with a deep connection to acknowledging the presence of loving protective souls has enabled me to make regular and encouraging progress in understanding and successfully progressing through my profound grief.  Carla’s unique aura of warmth and caring pervades her sessions and the affect lasts long after the visits are complete. 

~ L.B.W. LakeWorth

Carla is a wonderfully bright and shining gem in my life.  With her guidance I have reacquainted myself with a life filled with love, laughter and joy.  

She holds a vast clinical, scientific and spiritual knowledge which she lovingly shares to heal and transform those willing to listen and learn.  She is authentic and articulate; a real treasure to anyone looking for personal transformation.

Many of you have heard me speak of Carla Van Walsum’s workshops and how wonderful I think she is. I met Carla via her “Happy Children, Happy Home” workshops.  She is based in Boca and works in what some consider to be an alternative style.
I really believe in the work that she’s doing.  She certainly helped me and my family discover (or re-discover) how to live with more love, laughter and happiness.  I can say, though, that in working with Carla, life is much more pleasant and less stressful for us now than before…

~ Katie Starkey, Ft Lauderdale

I came to Carla looking for a different method in dealing with my divorce. I didn’t want to concentrate on the past, or continue the blame game that I felt was happening with the other psychologists I had tried talking to. I just wanted tools I could use to simply move forward in my life. As soon as I had spoken to her on the phone, I knew that she would be different.

Carla is always positive and kept me positive throughout the entire process–which is the key to getting through the divorce without too much difficulty. She constantly reminded me how to stay in the light even when I felt so much anger or fear. She never dismissed my feelings, yet guided me back to a positive place by actually giving me the tools I needed to deal with specific situations. We worked extensively on recognizing what exact feelings I had, and working back toward positive feelings and also a lot of work with the Law of Attraction. She reminds me to be mindful and be aware of my thoughts. To keep myself focused on the positive. And since it is not necessarily the easiest task to undertake, especially in a divorce, she was always patient. It seemed at times to be going two steps ahead, and one step back, but she never wavered in having understanding and patience. But eventually, having a constant reminder that things were indeed “working for my highest good”, I started to know how to move in the right direction and not allow the fear or anger to take over.

This was particularly instrumental in helping me cope with the emotional roller coaster I was on due to the drama of the divorce. I kept myself aware of my feelings and learned to set myself up in a higher place before dealing with my ex-husband. Learning to not align myself with him, was also clearly an effective method in not getting sucked into arguments, or other bad encounters with him.

Additionally, I must add: Carla has amazing intuition. In all honesty, there were moments of deep despair. Moments I felt so bad, wondering how this could be happening. But Carla would call! She would call me at those precise moments!! Its as if she knew I had no one else to talk to or who understood. It was amazing to me and uplifting to have an angelic friend who cared at that exact moment. It was purely amazing to me that this would happen, many times, too.

My experience in working with Carla on a spiritual level in dealing with the divorce worked so much better for me in the long run because I came out of the process, more grounded, less emotionally raw than I believe I would have, if I followed a different path.

~Stacey D. Boca Raton

Thank you Carla Van Walsum so very much for the information you delivered, and I received today at your workshop in Fort Lauderdale! I’m so happy I attended. You touched on many poignant topics in such a lovely way. I left feeling empowered! “

~Tammy Taylor , Ft Lauderdale

Carla is a very gifted and knowledgeable facilitator, who always comes from a place of genuine compassion to assist others heal areas of their life.

~Katy Simmone,  SoulEvolution Center Boca Raton

You have meant so much to me and done so much for me with your loving kindness and wisdom and ultimate professionalism. I am a better person for having you in my life.

Love, Linda L J (Bereavement group)

The constellation work conducted by Carla has been some of the most powerful transformation work I have experienced.

Carla has a very sensitive and affirmative way of bringing out what needs to be revealed in order to clear the past. Carla’s constellations has helped to bring issues into alignment where they can no longer have any negative conscious or subconscious impact in my life. After just one constellation  my son has  a new and  great relationship with his step dad. I am most thankful for Carla and constellation work in my life.”

~Sarah R, RN, Boca Raton

I just wanted to thank you for teaching me about the Circle of Excellence, and I ended up using it during the Key Club election and was re-elected President for next year!

I repeated the 3 attributes we talked about (Self-Confidence, Trust, and Joy for the Job) I would feel nervous and, even though I didn’t have the actual cards when I went to school, I envisioned them lying on the floor around me when I delivered my speech. I didn’t feel any self-doubt while I was up there, and I didn’t even think about the other candidate because of what you told me – that I’ll do my best and whatever happens, happens and it’s alright. That experience made me realize that the Circle of Excellence can be used for many other aspects of my life, for feeling confident about myself even when there is opposition or obstacles. Thank you for helping me obtain the self-confidence I needed to be successful in delivering my speech!”

~ A 17 year old High School Student, Florida

Due to my high interest in energy healing I have learned a lot as well experienced myself the power of our thoughts energy in real life.

However, I have never come across anything so confirming or strong of that power as Carla’s Constellation work. The way her scientific and intuitive guidance helps people with their personal trauma is incredible. It’s an un-doubtful confirmation that we are an energy beings having a human experiences on Earth.”

~ Silva Alexandrov, Boca Raton

Carla is a warm, sensitive & caring professional who offers a unique way of helping people to accept themselves for who they are.

She also teaches them how to make changes in their lives in order to live more peacefully. I feel privileged and honored to have the opportunity to know Carla. She has given me and my child specific tools to change our perspectives on what we perceived as stressful thoughts and feelings and to move forward emotionally & spiritually. Thank you Carla, you are a gem!!!”

~ A. B. Boca Raton

Carla’s constellation work is amazing, enlightening and just plain AWESOME!

Great workshop on Saturday with Sheree Diamond and Carla Van Walsum! The BlockBuster Breakthrough Bootcamp: A Day to Awaken was loaded with empowering information. Carla’s constellation work is amazing, enlightening and just plain AWESOME! Sheree and Carla over-delivered in a big way! Looking forward to the continuing series. Great job, Ladies. Thank you for opening my heart and eyes to releasing my roadblocks!

~ Chris Catoggio, Boca Raton

I would HIGHLY recommend  a meeting with or attend a class with Carla Van Walsum – my friend. She is an incredible metaphysical teacher who counsels hundreds on this very topic to help them heal.

~Rev. Kevin. Lee, Ft Lauderdale

Carla’s dedication to counseling goes above and beyond the in-office sessions. She has shown a genuine concern for my well-being, maintains daily contact if I choose, and honors the ebb and flow of personal growth work. 

Carla has gently guided me to better health, brighter thought patterns, healthier views on relationships. I have done a fair amount of talk therapy in the past, most of which seemed to attach a label or diagnosis to certain feelings or situations, then encouraged a certain wallowing in that. I knew instinctively that the psychological approach to growth left something out …usually the growth part.

~D.R., West Palm Beach, FL

I would HIGHLY recommend  a meeting with or attend a class with Carla Van Walsum – my friend. She is an incredible metaphysical teacher who counsels hundreds on this very topic to help them heal.”

~Rev. Kevin. Lee, Ft Lauderdale

Thank you Carla for your constellation workshop… your compassion and genius helped me reunite with my biological family … you are wonderful and you do miraculous work…thank you for helping me have a fuller life.

~Ilene B.B. Florida

We really appreciate all your guidance and everything we learned from you.You made it really easy for my family.  And I could say you changed the way I see life now.  Thank you so much!”

~Venecia Alb, M.A. Psych. Boca Raton

Carla is a light who shines brightly. She is a kind, joyful and compassionate women who is a tremendous listener with a boundless amount of energy.

She integrates a holistic and traditional approach to health, life and healing which propels her work to a very high level. Her extensive studies and in depth knowledge of Eastern and Western traditions allow her to quickly get to the heart of the matter with individuals, families, children and groups. This ability has a comforting effect and gives her clients the tools, insights and results they need to get back on track to live a joyous and happy life.
I have worked with Carla privately, in groups, and highly recommend her for those who need some redirection, another viewpoint, or have just temporarily lost their way.

As a former teacher and current course leader, we have had numerous conversations about life, education, abundance, happiness, and health that confirm to me that her approach is second to none. With her body mind and spirit approach, it is quickly apparent that she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.”

~ Chris C. MA.,  Tampa Fl.

You are a rare example of expertise and humanity in a perfect balance. This makes your work compassionate and effective. It is a gift from the universe to work with you. A night mare became a journey. Thank you Carla. You are special and you know what I mean. “

~ Alessandra A. Boca Raton

Edie “Dear Carla, I just want to express how amazed I am at the work you do and how it all works. My son Zak who is 9 has been out of control at school, at aftercare and at home with all the symptoms of ADHD. He expressed some dark thoughts and I was really concerned that he was going to suffer and destroy his life like his father but before putting him on medication, we gave your work a try. After this group session, Zak has been back to his own self again, happy, funny and loving. I receive great notes from his teachers and I can finally relax.  It became so clear that the patterns of his father and grandfather were at play and the cycle could be broken and it can be that simple.  Zachary took this work seriously and naturally. Kids understand soul love , fogiveness and energy. My son is very thankful to you too.” ~ Edie.M, LMT, .Boca Raton

kimberly“As part of my “quest” to heal from the wounds of being adopted, I thought I had gone through enough work to finally release the pain of being given up. I was sure I had cleared the blocks, until I attended Carla’s workshop! 


Through her healing session, I was able to see my birth mother in a totally different light, which led me to contact her once more to have a relationship with her because I was able to see her with ONLY love in my heart! Thank you Carla for an amazing break through that sat deep ON my heart for 51 years! Because of you, I am FREE, once more.”

~Kimberly West, Colorado

I have found my coaching with Carla to be extremely valuable for many reasons. Carla has the ability to probe for what is deeply important for my growth and success in life. 

Her unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex personal and business relationships has revolutionized my thinking and most importantly, my actions.  Along the way there have been surprising and sometimes painful personal realization, but Carla’s coaching continues to help me make better decisions. She tactfully and directly point out areas that needed to be considered in a different way and she is always right in her observation, opinion and suggestions.

In the past my distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement which was a major stumbling block to my growth and development.  Carla quickly helps me uncover the problem and provided the tools I need to understands how others perceive me. With my newly acquired skills, I can now adjust my actions and my behavior for increasing positive results.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Carla. She always provided me with great insights, personal examples of how to implement changes, and kept me committed to regularly tracking my progress. I have seen improvement in my performance, a greater self-confidence and increased positive perception about myself.”

~Windell Moore, CPA, PA, Ft Lauderdale

Hi Carla,  I’m so grateful for your presence in my life. You ‘re my guardian Angel, Counselor and Teacher.I have the feeling that you know exactly how I need to become the best I can be. And I love You for that. Thank you for your Love!”

~Margo D. LMT, Deerfield Beach

Carla’s constellation workshop is moving, powerful, and healing on multi-dimensional levels simultaneously, enabling healing to occur in the past, present, and future timelines. The coming event will be amazing! I look forward to seeing you there.

~Rev. Linda Keller, Ft Lauderdale

Constellation-work  is  fantastic healing work; it touches, moves and releases blocks and pains of the soul one never knew one had. Through the constellations I faced, released and healed some of my worst fears letting go of a huge weight I have been carrying around with me.

~Sally Daflaar, B.A. Delray

I have done many meditations, but I had never experienced anything like your meditation before and it moved me tremendously! 

It was unbelievable!

~Lori Shacter, Boca Raton

So many times I have witnessed and done myself your amazing constellation work! Can it shift so fast? It is two hours after my session and I feel so different and FREE! UNBELIEVABLE!

A grand mother who had an arranged marriage against her will and grieved about the love she couldn’t live with, could impact her grand-daughter totally unknowingly with feelings of grief or disgust about men. 

Out of Loyalty to those who came first children can take over their burden. The grand daughter wasn’t able to bond in a marriage, she could not take in the love that was offered to her. She could not deeply respect/love her husband.

A little girl that was adopted when she was 2 years old after living with her lovely mother in a displaced person camp, could only handle with promiscuous relationships. She was scared for bonding and never became a mother herself. 

The daughter of a mother who was severely abused by her own father when she was a child, did not like and trust men in general. She developed lesbian relationships and was very disappointed to give birth to a son.

Many family members perished in the war, 2 generations back. Sharon, the granddaughter became more and more depressed in her marital life, committed suicide when she was 32 leaving a young boy behind.

When we do not heal the scars of our ancestors, we deny access to love and happiness.

So many times I have witnessed and done myself your amazing constellation work! Can it shift so fast? It is two hours after my session and I feel so different and FREE! UNBELIEVABLE!” 

-B.A.C., Boca Raton

After a class in Palm Beach State College: In a room full of strangers, with a facilitator unknown to everyone, in where conventional talk therapy of over 20 years may never get to the core issue, hence within a short period of time immediately targets to the core of the individuals situation, experience, or trauma. While alternate revelations abound for all involved…a definitive, unique & highly effective life experience.”

~ J.M. Ft Lauderdale

My appreciation for the journey that Carla established for me (and my daughter) is limitless. I feel my world has changed for the better with renewed optimism and  positive hopes for the future. Not only has this occurred because of the constellation, but also because of the excellent words of wisdom and compassion heard from Carla at our weekly group sessions”

~Ruth W. (85 years old)

I have studied the Laws of Attraction and New Thought for several years, and had loads of fun dissolving clouds and manifesting parking spaces. Carla’s work has really invited me to become more disciplined with my thought management. It helps so much to have another person to whom I am accountable, someone ‘checking my homework’ of daily gratitude journals, for instance, or challenging me to see a situation differently.

~ Donna R. Palm Beach

leilaCarla is truly an authentic human being demonstrating compassion, knowledge and intuitive wisdom as she works with me and my daughter, who has regressed. As facilitator of Constellation workshops, she works generously and tirelessly to uncover the blocks to bring healing. With Carla’s determination and guidance, my daughter is gently emerging from her cocoon! I am so grateful to have met her. ~Leila Roger, Delray Beach

sandy (2)At first I was a curious spectator filled with skepticism, but after seeing and feeling the emotional shifts that took place so quickly and intensely during my first session, I became an admirer of the constellation method  and I try to attend as many as I can. Whether I am the subject or just standing in for someone else, I am   always moved and end up feeling lucky to be a part of it all.”

~Sandy Taylor M.A . Psychology,  Boca Raton

Carla’s dedication to counseling goes above and beyond the in-office sessions. She has shown a genuine concern for my well-being, maintains daily contact if I choose, and honors the ebb and flow of personal growth work. 

Carla has gently guided me to better health, brighter thought patterns, healthier views on relationships. I have done a fair amount of talk therapy in the past, most of which seemed to attach a label or diagnosis to certain feelings or situations, then encouraged a certain wallowing in that. I knew instinctively that the psychological approach to growth left something out …usually the growth part.

~ D.R., West Palm Beach, FL

The best news about this group, is the wonderful facilitator, Carla Van Walsm, who imparts words of wisdom in a loving and comforting way, respecting each persons’ needs.

She is a most extraordinary professional therapist. I have learned so much from her that I urge anyone who has a loss to join her bereavement groups.”

~Linda Jaro, Boca Raton

Carla’s one-on-one support has been extraordinary. As a new parent, I felt conflicted about returning to full-time work.

After months of gradual transition into a wonderful day care, my toddler got to the point of dismissal for biting behaviors. My husband was deeply frustrated with many aspects of our home life. Carla has the tools and wisdom to rapidly transform family situations. Her program is saving us thousands of dollars in lost wages and changes in child care. I highly recommend her private sessions for families.

~A parent, Boynton Beach

Everyone has a life story. Everyone has a family story.

To see our stories in a whole different way is the gift that we are blessed with by Carla’s work with the Systemic (Hellinger) Family Constellations.

Having been to Family Constellations as a participant, a client and as an observer, I am amazed at the healing that I have witnessed and experienced. If you are on a healing journey, this work may be an important missing piece of the puzzle that you may need to see the whole picture.

~ Laurie R. Ottombrino L.M.T., Boca Raton

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