My Mother and I – Package

Exercises to transform your relationship with your Mom.

As difficult it might seem, changes are always possible. No, you can’t change someone else. But you can change the dynamics, your wishes, and heal the scars. Allow yourself ways to inner peace and acceptance, with help from my energetic healing tools! They helped many others. So, I hope they’ll help you too!

Two packages to choose from:

  • -Digital (5 recordings)
  • -Complete (Digital package PLUS a Personal 90-minute breakthrough session with Carla PLUS a bonus gift)

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My Mother and I

Exercises to transform your relationship with your Mom. 

Are you triggered when you only see or speak to your mom?

Maybe this is familiar…

  • Every time you wish to feel happy when you see your mom at family gatherings, but then something happens and you’re suddenly at that place where you don’t want to be…
  • Maybe you had an abusive childhood, and you still feel deep inside that longing for the kind of love and appreciation you didn’t get enough of.
  • You know that understanding, forgiveness, and compassion are helpful to heal the childhood scars, but it doesn’t heal all wounds. They so easily open up.
  • Maybe you’ve lost your mother, and are dealing with the complicated feelings around a holiday you used to spend together.
  • Perhaps you’re on a spiritual path, positive and inspired, and you feel less aligned with the family or your Mom than ever

But what if your meetings were actually peaceful, inside and out? Just imagine if…

The nagging remarks don’t get to you. The twists in your stomach don’t even show up. You aren’t thinking “I wish it were over already…” 

Instead of all that, you’ll think: 

“Wait, why did I find this so difficult in the past?”  Now, you aren’t hoping or longing for recognition. In fact, you don’t even think about it!

Actually, you thoroughly enjoyed, for the very first time, this family gathering! Is this possible?

Learn how to find peace in your relationship with your Mom–and finally feel stress-free and relaxed.

The package that I’ve designed contains tools and exercises to shift your perceptions, to heal scars on deeper levels, and to let go of what’s been bothering you. 

Negative experiences or trauma can’t be cut out of your system. But the way you look at trauma can change entirely and cause you to definitely feel better. 

I’m offering energetic healing tools that work their way deep into the psyche. The great news is that you can easily do these processes in the comfort of your own home. 

Many clients have seen great results with this program! 

What is it about?

The exercises I share are derived from a combination of holistic psychology, energy healing modalities, and metaphysical science. 

When you practice these exercises, they can help you radically change and transform your relationship with your Mom. 

Why I do what I do:

I choose to not only use clinical psychology but also methods that access the deeper layers of our being. We’re not only talking about our difficulties but working towards tangible healing results. 

You, yes you, have the innate power to make those changes! 

It’s your birthright to be happy, to feel good, and to have a positive outlook on life.

Our life experiences, but also what is stored in our subconscious, are carried over through generations. Today, science has revealed a lot about trans-generational trauma and inherited family trauma. This relatively new field is called Epigenetics. And trauma has many faces…

We’re born not only into a family but into a whole systemic consciousness.  Simply stated, you inherit much more than you might think. Critical parenting styles are inherited.  Positive, compassionate styles of communication aren’t inherited but can be learned and cultivated. 

Trauma is a form of negative energy that lives in your energy field. The brain keeps the score and orchestrates what you’ll do with it.

Negative energy can be healed – often – with positive energy. 

It’s NORMAL that a mother loves her child. It is maybe the most intimate relationship that exists. The mother nourishes her child and plants those basic feelings in the child’s heart: “You are unconditionally loved. You are special, unique, lovable and more than good enough. Thank you for being my child.”

That’s how it is ideally. 

Is this what most mothers do, think, and feel? Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s not. Often the mothers are wounded and scarred themselves. In the past, their feelings weren’t given much consideration. Traumas were not healed; instead, they were suppressed. 

So, the mother passes on to you, that little consciousness in the womb, the negative blueprint. “I am not good enough” is planted in your heart, soul, and central nervous system. Inherited feelings. Confirmed during upbringing.

Today, however, we’re lucky to have so much knowledge available to help us become happier!

So, are you ready to:

  • Feel relaxed during the holidays, and enjoy more fully the family you have?
  • Let go of the desire to change your Mom and change your perceptions toward her, and soften the hard edges of sharp pain?
  • Free yourself from feelings that grow under your skin, the stress you feel when you think about the Thanksgiving table?
  • Be open to experience several modalities that guide you through healing processes?

You will receive: 

Digital Package

  • 5 Audio pieces of training-exercises delivered as MP3s that you download to your phone or desktop and listen to any time at your convenience.
  • Guided meditations, imageries, exercises,mini-constellations, and rituals will help you release hindering patterns. They’ll help your heart to open receive more love for yourself. You’ll feel more compassion for everyone involved and will experience more inner calm and peace. 

Complete Package

  • All of the digital package above PLUS:
  • A Personal 90-minute breakthrough session via your computer to integrate your experiences, live with me.
  • Email support to answer questions, and to celebrate the positive results.
  • Additional gift: my BONUS! Inherited Family Trauma digital recording.

Healing exercises to transform the relationship with your Mom.

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