Everyone can have a happier life. So can you!

You might have tried talk-therapy. But you still feel that there’s more that needs to be done. Something is in the way. You’ve chanted affirmations and mantras. You were determined you were going to make the changes that you wanted so badly.

There are feelings, moods that you can’t explain, can’t change. Depression? Anxiety? Anger? You just heard about epigenetics, that your parents’ and ancestors’ experiences can affect your life, today. You realize that you would like to know more, because you just want to feel good, happy and make your life worth living. You feel that you are sabotaging your dreams and success.

But, you’ re not settling for less. You are going to do what it takes to live a fulfilling life. You CAN clear up the debris, choose love over fear and decide that it’s time to heal and liberate yourself from all that doesn’t serve you. 

You live heart-centered. You want to Be more. Do more. Live more.

You want to enjoy and thrive,  while living  your purpose. You want to make the world a kinder place. You want to claim your birth-right.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Carla, a holistic psychologist who helps individuals, couples and families transform their lives, by finding more joy, harmony and success. 

For more than 25 years I have blended clinical psychology with proven alternative modalities and energy psychology to help people from all walks of life. With my techniques my clients  develop successful relationships, heal from trauma, and find fulfillment in their work and life. 

 I love my work. I have made it my life’s mission to teach people how they can have great relationships, transform distorted family relationships into healthy ones and disconnect from negative patterns. My clients learn to heal their heart, let go of trauma and discontinue destructive habits. In addition, they also begin to appreciate, validate, love and accept themselves. That is often not easy to do!  We live in a great time. There is so much available to help ourselves to be happier.

Our ancestors have suffered a lot. Unfortunately, that can impact our emotional DNA known as epigenetics; which is directly linked to our emotional state, well-being and even our success in work. 

One of my methods shows where issues are hidden and can override and change the imprints in our blueprint. Neuroscience has proven that we can make those lasting changes in our cell-memory, for ourselves and our children. 

Carla Van Walsum, PhD About Me

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Parents Lab

Maybe you already feel successful in many areas of your life. You’re smart and open-minded. But you’re feeling stuck, and all the external success doesn’t make you any happier. You know that it’s time to make a real change in your life.

Our energy fields, collective consciousness, lymbic brain, contain collected data of the past generations, places and events that can affect our lives today. A constellation will give you a completely new awareness of what is causing your difficulties.

One of the key questions is “How could so much love go so wrong?” Often marriages fail because of inherited patterns and the entanglements within each partner’s family system and. Disappointments become accusations. The path is open to blame, shame and guilt. 

Like so many other parents, your goal is that your child(ren) will be successful in all aspects of life. You know that you can only raise your child once. Discover a new understanding of your role as parent or caregiver. Know, there are always solutions.

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What Other Clients Have to Say

“This is someone doing healing work who is totally heart-centered and has vast knowledge. Her work reflects both her ability to go very deep with people and her incredible compassion. I find her work very enlightening, non-biased and incredibly helpful. Carla is very willing to speak the truth but always seems to do so with love and kindness.Carla can help you to transform your life and make it what you truly deserve.”  ~ Katie Fly, 5 Elements Acupuncturist, Florida

“Her work is a true blessing! For those of you looking for a new way to approach family issues that may span generations… Carla is a fantastic, co passionate facilitator and expert in Systemic Family Constellations, a powerful therapeutic method. She is also an expert in compassionate communication and parenting techniques. ”                              ~Lia Scultz, College Counselor, UniversitySuccess.us

After some years experiencing different styles of constellations, it gives me a great pleasure to certify that Carla has been an asset to me since the first day I did a constellation with her. Her amiable and loving demeanor, her wisdom on how to apply her knowledge, her honest professionalism and her sincere and caring guidance resulted in a positive realization that left an indelible impression upon me. I give anyone my highest recommendation who desires to work with Carla on his/her personal development” ~ Victoria Seaman

If you yearn for

  • Feeling good and at peace
  • Having clarity, feeling whole
  • Being fearless, authentic and successful
  • Living the life you desire…

 I want you to know that it IS possible

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